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Why You Need a Logo on Your Corporate Stationery

In order to really get the most out of logo design, you need to spread the word all over the place! Having a brilliant logo that perfectly encapsulates what your organisation stands for means nothing if it isn’t seen! While some businesses may deem the addition of a logo to corporate stationery as something of an unseemly venture, companies that dabble in realism understand that this form of branding is essential to their long-term success. With a strong brand image you will increase sales, customer retention and recognition.

Where Stationery Comes In

By placing your corporate logo on stationery such as letterheads, business cards, envelopes and other printed sales materials, you are spreading the d about your business and ensuring that it leaves a deep and lasting impression on existing and prospective clients. It is easy for you to hire a graphic design team such as the one at Just Template It to incorporate your company logo wherever necessary as well as adding the right text, colours and other elements.

The Process

When you hire our team, we go through a lengthy and detailed process to ensure your company gets the best possible logo that delivers a clear message about what your business is all about. When designing the logo, we take great care to ensure it also ‘fits’ on the aforementioned stationery items as we have the foresight to understand the importance of a logo that can be placed absolutely anywhere. In some cases, we may add or modify the main logo for the purposes of company stationery but the design will always carry the same message.

The ideal logo will carry the company name along with some graphics and there may also be a catchy and memorable symbol. The colour depends on the type of message a company wishes to send to customers. For example, a company selling sporting goods should have a logo with bright shades such as greens or reds while a perfume maker will need more a more feminine colour scheme. There should never be an overwhelming mass of colours and the font should always be chosen carefully for maximum impact and legibility.

When it comes to placing the logo on corporate stationery, there are different rules depending on the organisation in question. We always encourage customer input here at Just Template It and we value a customer’s opinion on the positioning of the logo on their stationery. If the client has no strong feelings one way or the other, it is normal for the logo to be placed on the top left or right of the stationery next to the company name and address. If the company has a slogan, this can be placed in the company’s corporate stationery design and in our experience, placing the slogan beneath the logo is the best option. The next line should ideally have a mailing address followed by other company contact information.

Overall, you should never underestimate the impact that placing a logo on your company stationery will have. It adds to your company’s reputation, credibility and visibility and this can only be great for business.

The Importance of Logo Design for Your Business

Using the right symbol can help you communicate in a more effective manner than thousands of words which is why logo design is so important for your company’s success. A logo is a simple means of conveying information about your organisation and it can also serve as a constant reminder of your company’s products and services to prospects. Everyone immediately thinks of McDonald’s when they see the ‘Golden Arches’ for example. While we are not saying that your business will be as well-known as this global giant, it is obvious that businesses with logos look more professional and attain a greater degree of success than those without.

Brand Identity

Now that you are aware of the importance of logo design, would you be surprised to learn that some organisations think that a logo is unnecessary or out of their reach? Such businesses assume that logo design is the sole preserve of large corporations or design companies and completely underestimate the impact a powerful logo can have on company performance. A logo should be seen as a vital part of your company brand since it is an embodiment of how customers think of you.

If branding and logo design wasn’t important, why do so many companies use it? Without branding, the world would be laden with generic products and it would be almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. Imagine walking through a giant supermarket where no groceries were branded? It would be a nightmare for consumers and bad business for companies. Studies have shown that people opt for colourful packaging rather than black and white generic goods even if they are of the same quality.

Logos & Trust

If a customer is looking for certain services and comes across two companies on the Internet, one with a logo and one without, which do you think he will trust? A professional logo actually conveys a feeling of trust and this is one of the main reasons why a customer looks to initiate a relationship with a company in the first place. Most customers are also willing to pay more in order to have a relationship with a company they trust rather than with a generic company.

It doesn’t even matter if your company’s HQ is buried underground and no one sees it, having business cards, a website and vehicles with a professionally designed logo makes your business look trustworthy, established and successful.

While you could attempt to create your own logo, you need to have professional graphic designers on your team. Crafting a cheap and cheerful logo, while better than nothing, isn’t going to do much for your company’s professional image. Instead, you should look towards a creative design team that analyses your business and target audience in order to create a logo that really ‘speaks’ to them. The team at Just Template It can help you develop a logo that pays off for your business and increases your overall profit margin. Start upgrading your company’s image today and work on creating a brand identity that resonates with prospective customers.

Our Logo Design Process

Having a brand new logo designed for your business can be an extremely delicate process. At Just Template It, we understand that it is a two-way relationship between us and the client and while we are employed to do the work, we take everything a client has to say on board to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We begin by researching your company and analysing your business and target audience and then we will discuss your company values.

Our team of professionals will conjure up a set of concepts and as many revisions as you need because our goal is to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Once we have completed the project, you will be the proud owner of the design assets and a logo that is a true representation of what your business is and what it stands for. Below, we briefly outline our 7-step logo design process.

  1. Company Knowledge: We kick things off with high quality conversations with the client to gain a full understanding of how its business operates, what it is looking to achieve and what its core values are. In other words, we find out how our clients think.
  2. Industry Knowledge: The next step is to find out more about the client’s target audience, industry and competition. If the client is after a teenage audience for example, it will want a catchy and colourful logo while companies with a more professional target audience will need something insightful and inspiring. We check out the competition and ensure we avoid creating something similar.
  3. Application: We ask the client where the logo will be used so we can create a design that fits accordingly. For example, an airline logo would be used on the tail fin of the plane so the design of the logo needs to be thin and tall. This is an important consideration and one that is often overlooked by logo design teams.
  4. Sketching: We sketch dozens of ideas during the brainstorming process and select the best for the client’s approval. Only by creating a wide range of ideas can you hope to hit the jackpot. In most cases, the first ideas are not the best ones so time, patience and effort is required.
  5. Draft Designs: We choose a handful of the best sketches and flesh them out before presenting them to the client within a few days of taking on the project. Our client then reviews the drafts and forms an opinion before providing us with feedback.
  6. Refinement: We alter the drafts based on your feedback and will continue working until you are completely satisfied with our work. Once this happens, we take the final logo that has been selected and present you with the logo in all the formats you require.
  7. Developing Identity: It is important to note that a great logo is only the beginning of your brand identity. This means you will need to brand business stationery, business cards, vehicles and other communication tools with the logo so your brand becomes well known.
For more information about how we design logos, please contact us today.

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