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Mobile Development Portfolio

  • Picerty
    Picerty is mobile(iphone) based picture editing and sharing application. Main functions are: rotate or flip image, adjust brightness or contrast, number of FX filters, multiple pictures edit.
    • VCA
      IOS and Android enabled project supposed to manage veterinary clinics. Visually it looks like handy application that user is able to see locations of all clinics on map and keep profile of own pets up to date. Objective C was used as well as some functions of iphone device, such as Navigation(GPS)
      • Avatar
        Funny application for Windows Phone, users can edit avatar and send to their contacts, or just setup contacts avatars. Abilities to modify: Face, Ears, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Brows, Bodies
        • Transcriber
          When you need to get your voice and words recorded with a speed of light, just use Transcriber. Features: List of items transcribed, Cloud syncronization, Session management, Enhanced security
          • Old Movies List
            Old Movies List - Shows information and plays bits of videos of funny moments. All moments were taken from old russian comedy movies.
            • Straticator
              IOS and Android enabled project supposed to manage financial transactions. Visually it looks like very attractive in terms of modern IOS especially. It covers courses, for example USD to EURO, Reports to transactions, tradelist, watchlist and so on.

              We create stunning Experiences Everywhere.

              Jti have been building mobile apps since 2006. Our mobile developers are focused on both business applications as well as games. Building solutions for every operating system including iPhone/IOS/iPad, Symbian, Nokia and the windows phone. Just some of the example can be seen above and a few are available for download from itunes.

              We design and build:

              • Native apps for all major platforms
              • HTML5 apps for rapid development and lower build costs
              • Mobile-optimised websites
              • Apps for smartphones and tablets.

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