Branding Design

Branding Design


Ad-Lister stands out as a highly sought-after Product Information Management (PIM) and Listing software solution, trusted by numerous online sellers. It simplifies the listing process across a wide array of platforms, including eBay, Amazon, and B&Q, among others. In response to the demand, we developed a comprehensive suite of products tailored for events such as the ChannelX show and various eBay exhibitions, including the prestigious eBay Open event.


the challenge

Highlighting the key performance indicators (KPIs) of our product on the cups was crucial, given Ad-Lister’s versatility in listing across multiple platforms. Achieving this effectively was a challenge, prompting numerous design iterations to ensure the cups conveyed the message accurately. We aimed for a design that resonated with users, reinforcing our brand message even in their daily use. Additionally, our T-shirts featured a convenient QR code, enabling users to scan and connect with our team at the show, unlocking a 20% discount as a token of appreciation.

the solution

The T-shirts were developed in both crisp white and sleek black cotton, offering versatility and style. The strategic placement of the barcode on the back was a deliberate choice, ensuring seamless scanning without putting any pressure on sales personnel to pause for a photo opportunity. Its size was carefully calibrated to maintain scannability even when our representatives were on the go, ensuring effortless interaction with our brand.

Meanwhile, our cups, adorned with descriptive elements, proved to be highly effective. The design seamlessly translated onto thermoplastic, marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal. Each detail was thoughtfully considered to ensure the message resonated with users, enhancing their daily experience.

Additionally, our keyring shopping trolley tokens were elegantly minimalistic, proudly showcasing the Ad-Lister brand. These tokens served as convenient reminders of our platform’s utility, subtly reinforcing brand recognition with every use.

activity carried out

  • The cup design process meticulously integrated key performance indicators (KPIs), reflecting Ad-Lister’s comprehensive capabilities for online sellers.
  • Each element of the cup design was curated to effectively communicate Ad-Lister’s value proposition, ensuring it resonated with users with every sip.
  • Gender-inclusive T-shirts were designed for both male and female sales staff, striking a balance between comfort, style, and professionalism.
  • The T-shirt designs exuded confidence and provided a cohesive look for team members, enhancing brand representation at events.
  • A sizeable barcode was strategically placed on the back of the T-shirts for effortless scanning, enabling attendees to access exclusive offers without inconveniencing sales staff.
  • The barcode served as a gateway to unlocking special deals, fostering engagement and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Standout shopping trolley token key rings, featuring the Ad-Lister logo, were provided as a token of appreciation and brand reinforcement.
  • These key rings served as tangible reminders of Ad-Lister’s utility, offering practical value while reinforcing brand recognition in the daily lives of the audience.

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