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Designing and developing for all your ecommerce channels.

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Web Design For Companies Looking For Success!

eCommerce is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. It has already been phenomenally successful in the United States where online sales have increased by almost 50% since 2008. We have been a little slow catching on in Europe but now eCommerce is arriving with a vengeance! If you’re looking to entice extra customers on to your webstore and increase your overall sales, you need to have website design performed by professionals. If your site doesn’t stand out through innovation, uniqueness and ease of use, customers will simply look elsewhere.

Our Services


We are a service provider for eBay customers allowing eBay to be enhanced with our products and services. An eBay Advanced Store Design is the best way of increasing your sales on eBay. It will increase your business status and promote professionalism, please take this opportunity to look at our templates below. Read more


Amazon Webstore comes from one of the world's most powerful online retailers who earn more than £500 million a week! It is Amazon's solution to the problem of eCommerce and at Just Template IT; we believe it to be one of the best platforms on the market. As well as having the Amazon name, their Webstore is powered by the same technology which has helped the company become so huge worldwide. Read more


Just Templates IT is one of the UK's foremost eCommerce website design companies. We have hundreds of clients around the world, each of whom has experienced a significant spike in terms of traffic, sales and revenue since they started working with us. Read more


Website design has become increasingly more important since Google has expanded its algorithms to focus more on the content of the site as well as measuring the visitors bounce rate. In trusting J+i we look beyond the design and focus on what grabs that customer's attention. Homing in on relevant key products or services. As equally important is a retail shop window as is your web design. We highlight popular products and discounts. Read more



We provide affordable marketing on the internet helping your website achieve the highest position it deserves as well as increasing the number of traffic visits. Each customer is given an SEO expert. We explain all the tecky jargon so you understand the results. Unlike other SEO companies we teach the mystery of SEO. Read more

Why Just Template IT?

We have been in business since 2006 and are renowned for being up to date with the latest changes in eCommerce. Our expert team has experience working for eCommerce companies from around the globe and are 100% qualified to create web stores which are masterpieces. Unlike our competitors who rely solely on the templates provided by the various eCommerce platforms, we will design your store from scratch if you wish. Every design we come up with is innovative, unique and is discussed thoroughly with our clients. While most of our rivals can only offer one or two platforms, we work with global companies and can offer the following options:
  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • Nventree - A shopping cart designed and created by us
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • WordPress
Our eCommerce site designs are not just for show. We are dedicated to creating web stores which will help increase your company's sales growth dramatically. In our six years in business, we have already worked with some of the corporate world's biggest names. Our aim is to create websites that make a real difference and result in an upturn in our clients' fortunes. However, we are mindful that businesses need affordable solutions so we have packages to suit all budgets. When you choose Just Template IT, we will ensure that your site has:
  • Google Analytics
  • Secure hosting
  • The option of placing an unlimited amount of products on the site
  • Access to customer service
  • The capability to handle different product options
  • Order and inventory management
When an eCommerce site is designed correctly to optimize your company and its products, increase its traffic, improve its conversion rate and generate more profit, it simply can't fail. Contact us today and become the latest success story in the world of eCommerce.