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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When work is undertaken we must adhere to these following terms and conditions. They are designed to protect both you the client and JTI. When you, the client, tick the checkbox on the contact us page and submit an order online, or commission us to do some work through phone, email or SKYPE/WHATSAPP or through one of our partners you are accepting the following:

1. Copyright


Once the final payment is made on any of work the copyright of the work reverts to the client’s sole responsibility. The copyright is granted with the following conditions and limitations:

  1. Logo designs may not be altered or changed by the client.
  2. Logo design my not be used for any illegal activities.
  3. Just Template IT reserves the right to still use any completed design work including animations, stationery, logos, etc. in any non-commercial and promotional capacity as it sees necessary.
  4. Credit for Just Template IT, as the designers, may not be removed from any work (unless an agreement has been made with a partner) whether it be printed or electronic works (such as brochures, PDFs, eBay Templates, brochures etc) without the prior consent of Just Template IT.
  5. You have the right to ask for all the original designer files (Note a fee may be charged).

If any of the above conditions are broken then the copyright will revert to the ownership of Just Template IT and the client will no longer hold any legal or Intellectual Property rights to this work.


Just Template IT takes no responsibility for work that may look like, by coincidence or otherwise, any copyrighted material, trademarked, or internationally registered designs. We at Just Template IT strive to produce original work so we must place the sole responsibility upon the client to make sure that no infringement takes place, and we can not be held liable for work that resemble existing designs.


Just Template IT can not be held liable for copyright infringement arising from a client sending, or any other method therefore, of source material (photographs, graphics, scanned images, brochures, logos, or any other media) that may have been included, inadvertently or otherwise, into any design work Just Template IT undertakes.

2. Work


Just Template IT be held responsible for the retaining of work that has been undertaken for you. Which includes the following:

  1. Work that has been started.
  2. Work that has been finished and sent to the client.
  3. Source information which has been put into the care of Just Template IT.


Although Just Template IT archives all work to a backup device, in no way is it liable if work gets corrupted or accidently removed or destroyed. If you remove your web design including eBay store or Amazon store you will be liable for charges for time spent recoding.


In the event of the client loosing any files sent from Just Template IT whether completed or draft work a nominal administrative fee will be charged for the re-sending of files.


When specing the work for a client, it is an agreement to send the through work in the file format agreed upon (jpg, gif, tif etc.). All origination files (in psd, png format, or otherwise) remain the express property of Just Template IT. If the client wishes to have a copy (not own the copyright) of these original files a fee will charged.

3. Money, Timescales & Deadline


In no circumstance will Just Template IT issue refunds. Just Template IT strives to give you the right results because of its 50% start up fee and will work on that design till complete client satisfaction. Then the final payment is made prior to coding.  If the client is still not satisfied we will not refund your deposit. The deposit represents the time spent on draft designs, specifications and phone calls.


In the exception circumstances of an event of a deposit being paid and work delivered within and no response (positive or negative) is received from the client within 30 days work being sent through then Just Template IT will invoice for the full amount, this is true as the acting partner, as the client is legally obliged to pay.  Designers find it difficult to resume on a project if the delay has been over 30 days as they are often working on a variety of projects.


Although Just Template IT strive to meet the timescales quoted on this website or quoted in an email or conversation, these do not represent a legally binding contract and Just Template IT reserve the right to take up to 180 days. This could be due to a number of unforeseen circumstance; holiday, illness, personal problems, technical difficulties.


Just Template IT provides you will a draft design of the work before completing the final work. This gives you ample opportunity to make the necessary changes before the final work begins. A fee will be charged based upon the designers time to do any changes after the final work has been agreed.


The Ad-Lister software provides hosting and functionality to post your items to eBay/Amazon/Etsy/TikTok/B&Q and many others our renewal prices are based on the number of listings or platforms required.


Prices on this website do not include VAT

3.7 Intellectual Property Rights

3.7.1 Unless otherwise agreed between both parties, Just Applications own all intellectual Property Rights to services developed and materials designed or developed for the Customer. This allows Just Applications use of this material where specifically authorised by Just Applications.

3.7.2 The Intellectual Property Rights in any of the materials provided by Just Applications shall grant use of such material as necessary for Just Applications to carry out its own internal marketing and for no other purpose. On ceasing use of our software or service any materials provided by the Customer to be terminated as an expiry agreement unless a contract is drawn up otherwise.

3.7.3 Upon using our services the customer agrees to Just Applications to place a discrete advertisement link on the store page and listing template or any other internal marketing used by Just Applications. The Customer can request the removal of such branding for an additional fee agreed with both parties such an agreement is required to be signed by both parties.

4. Subject To Change


The services Just Template IT and the site on which this takes place are ever evolving elements and as such the client should understand these Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Please check back every time you order online. The above terms and conditions apply at the time at which you submit an order.


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The hosting fee will not cover any updates or upgrades, including wordpress, magento upgrades or new plug-ins. The fee does not cover any additional training after the site goes live.

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