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WooCommerce is one of the most popular wordpress plugins used for providing an online cart to websites. It has an estimated audience of over 4 million active websites to its name.

WooCommerce empowers businesses to build the exact website they want an open source ecommerce platform built on WordPress.

WooCommerce, is perfect for stores with less than 10,000 products. There are no limits to creativity as Word Press the CMS system its built upon offers hundreds of ready built plugins as well as the ability to use customisable plugins to suit your business.

Our team of experts have built many WooCommerce websites.

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A WooCommerce website empowers you to create a customized and cost-effective online shopping cart tailored precisely to your preferences, thanks to an extensive array of plugins. These plugins offer a diverse range of functionalities, spanning from colour swatches, product variations, and email marketing to booking systems, shipping solutions, multi-language support, and diverse payment options. Even if a specific feature isn’t readily available, our team has the capability to develop custom solutions, ensuring your WooCommerce store is perfectly attuned to your unique business requirements.


WooCommerce is completely scalable and supports businesses that only have a few products, all the way to global giants with thousands of lines. As your online shop grows, WooCommerce grows with you and you can add all the functionality you didn’t think you needed to begin with!

Simple and Intuitive

The WooCommerce plugin serves as the backbone for the shopping cart functionality on your website, seamlessly integrated into the WordPress platform. Once your website is constructed, you gain the autonomy to effortlessly edit product details, images, and prices at your convenience. The user-friendly Backoffice is designed to be simple and intuitive, ensuring a smooth and efficient editing experience.



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Customers we have helped migrate

Balloon Colour Blending Ltd

Balloon Colour Blending Ltd, established in the UK in 2020, initially gained momentum with the successful launch of its BCB Facebook page. Since then, the community has flourished, boasting a global membership of over 10,000 passionate Balloon Artists and continuing to expand.

In 2023, with the help of JTI they unveiled their groundbreaking venture – the inaugural Balloon Colour Blending website. This platform is designed to revolutionize the balloon industry, introducing a unique double-stuffed balloon colour blending service. All you have to do is upload a photograph and chose your preferred colours the software will do the rest. The development was built with a mixture of bespoke coding and WooCommerce.

CSS Cleaning Equipment

By seamlessly integrating with Retailer, a CMS developed by RBA, our WooCommerce website empowers the client to effortlessly showcase new products on their online platform while ensuring real-time stock updates. Sales originating directly from the website are seamlessly transmitted back to Retailer for processing, facilitating accurate stock adjustments. In collaboration with RBA, our partnership enabled the development of over 20 WooCommerce sites during the COVID pandemic. This initiative proved instrumental in preserving numerous DIY and Garden Centres from closure, as they lacked online visibility and were unprepared for store closures during the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

McDougall’s of Oban Ltd.

Mcdougalls, situated in Argyll, leverages Retailer, a CMS developed by RBA, for both their physical store and online presence. Our WooCommerce website seamlessly integrates with RBA, ensuring automated processes for introducing new products and updating stock. The sales generated through the website are efficiently relayed back to RBA. Our design approach was rooted in preserving the longstanding brand identity of the family business, reflecting the heritage and legacy that Mcdougalls has cultivated over many years.

Gosh Rocks

Gosh Rocks, meticulously crafted on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, offers a unique opportunity for sellers to acquire exquisite, custom-designed engagement rings at an affordable price. Our handcrafted masterpieces are conceived and meticulously crafted in England by the most seasoned jewellery craftsmen worldwide, ensuring unparalleled quality without breaking the bank. We take pride in our commitment to ethical practices, utilising Lab Grown Diamonds that are conscientiously cultivated in specialized laboratories rather than extracted from the earth. This approach not only guarantees the highest quality but also aligns with our dedication to sustainability and responsibility. Powering our innovative platform is the combination of WordPress for seamless page delivery and bespoke PHP coding to create a user-friendly ring builder functionality. This ensures that our visitors can effortlessly design and purchase their dream ring, making the entire process a joyous and personalized experience.

Questions clients have asked:

How long does it take to build my shopping cart?

We understand the urgency businesses faced during COVID, and in response, our team delivered a fully functional webstore in just two weeks, helping clients ensure the survival of their businesses. However, we are flexible and will adapt to your specific timelines. Our commitment is unwavering – we only consider a project complete once you are thoroughly satisfied with the delivered website. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we tailor our pace to align with your needs and expectations.

Do you work with design agencies?

Yes, indeed, we do collaborate under a white label service. As evidenced in our ‘Work’ portfolio, we have proudly partnered with various agencies, acknowledging that not every agency boasts an in-house development team like ours. We understand the importance of maintaining your agency’s identity, and thus, we offer the option to operate seamlessly as a white label service. This means we work diligently behind the scenes, allowing you to present our expertise to your clients without revealing our direct involvement, ensuring a seamless and confidential collaboration.

Can WooCommerce be used on any website?

WooCommerce shines brightest when catering for shopping carts with a product range of fewer than 10,000 items. For larger catalogues exceeding this scale, a strategic consideration between Shopify and Magento may prove more suitable. Each platform brings its own strengths to the table, and selecting the most fitting solution depends on the specific needs, scale, and complexity of your business operations and product offerings.

Who will be responsible for daily updates on our website's progress?

At our agency, we prioritise a streamlined approach to website development by assigning dedicated project managers to oversee every build, irrespective of its size. These project managers play a crucial role in coordinating tasks among our skilled designers and developers. Their responsibility extends beyond task management; they are committed to keeping you well-informed about the progress of your website build. This ensures not only a smooth and organized development process but also fosters clear communication channels, allowing you to stay engaged and updated throughout the journey of your website creation.

Do you offer a post-GOLIVE support or maintenance package for the WooCommerce site?

At JTI, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for all the websites we develop. The decision to continue with our maintenance services is entirely at your discretion. However, for websites hosted on our servers with WeHost, we strongly recommend and expect the purchase of a maintenance package. Our commitment to speed, reliability, and the successful delivery of all our sites is paramount. Opting for a maintenance package ensures that your WordPress version and third-party plugins stay up-to-date, minimizing the risks of potential malware attacks. This proactive approach to ongoing support not only safeguards the performance of your website but also reflects our dedication to providing a secure and optimized digital experience.

What is the support period provided by your company?

We are committed to offering you up to 30 days of post-delivery support, irrespective of your chosen hosting provider. It’s important to note that while we ensure support for the functionality and performance of the website during this period, the overall speed and delivery may be subject to the specifications of the server you’ve selected. If your server is not with WeHost, our support can only extend to ensuring the website functions optimally within the parameters of the chosen server, with our primary focus on resolving issues related to the website’s features and functionality during this post-delivery period.

Can JTI develop a custom e-commerce site from scratch?

Yes, our standard practice involves the development of custom websites, primarily to ensure optimal speed and performance, avoiding the potential deficiencies associated with templates. However, we are flexible, and if you have a preference for using an off-the-shelf template, we can certainly accommodate that. It’s important to note that opting for a template may offer a cost advantage, but we would require you to sign a contract acknowledging that potential issues related to speed and efficiency might arise. Templates can sometimes present challenges in these areas, and this contractual agreement is designed to ensure transparency and mutual understanding in the event that such issues arise during the website development process.

Can I choose WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform for my large-scale business?

As mentioned earlier, WooCommerce proves to be an excellent choice for businesses managing fewer than 10,000 products, which, by all means, can be considered a sizable inventory. However, our recommendation leans towards Shopify or Magento for businesses dealing with larger catalogues. The robust capabilities of Shopify and Magento are particularly advantageous when it comes to managing extensive product lists and handling intricate backoffice operations. These platforms offer more user-friendly interfaces for efficiently managing prices, conducting bulk data edits, and navigating the intricacies of large-scale inventory management, making them the preferred choices for businesses operating at a larger scale.

I have no knowledge of WooCommerce, will this be a problem?

Benefit from our extensive experience with the WooCommerce plugin – we’ve mastered its nuances so that you don’t have to. Beyond just implementation, we offer continuous support and development services, ensuring your website stays optimized and aligns with the evolving needs of your business long after it goes live. With JTI, you can trust in a dedicated partner committed to the sustained success of your online venture

How do I track the development progress of the website?

As the development phase commences, we will furnish you with an exclusive test link, granting you private access to monitor the ongoing progress of your website. This link not only allows you to track developments but also provides a comprehensive view of how your site appears on various devices. Throughout this process, our dedicated project manager will actively engage with you, offering valuable insights and guidance on updates. This collaborative approach ensures transparency, allowing you to actively participate in shaping the final outcome of your website while staying informed about its functionality and design across different devices.

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