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ui/ux design

Combining functionality with an intuitive design along with providing user experience is essential for the success of any mobile app or desktop software application.

We provide a full array of UI and UX design services to help businesses and entrepreneurs being their ideas to life. We use a number of tools to develop the right UI and UX design for any app or software application.

ux research

To design a great app or any software progress webapp requires complete understanding of the task in hand. Identifying who your users are? What data do we need capture? how the customer will use your product? and what is the end goal? We will collate all this information during the  research & development phase.


Formulate a UX strategy which serves as a comprehensive blueprint outlining the intricate workings of the design. This strategic plan serves as the roadmap for how users will interact with the product seamlessly. Bringing this strategy to life and providing a tangible representation, we employ the creation of wireframes. These visual schematics go beyond mere outlines, offering a detailed and structured visualisation of the users journey. Through wireframes, we not only articulate the design’s functionality but also envision the user’s navigation, interactions, and overall engagement, ensuring a thoughtful and user-centric approach throughout the development process.

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01 PLOT THE Customer journey

Map-out the various touchpoints throughout a user’s interaction with your app, highlighting key areas that require thoughtful design considerations. Label functions that require explanations of what the controls will do on an action.






02 story boardING

Start by defining the ultimate objectives of the software and strategically mapping out the workflow from start to finish. This involves a meticulous analysis of what information must be captured and stored within the application and what needs to be stored in the database. Recognising that the user flow is a crucial element in the design phase, we prioritise its seamless integration into our overall plan.


03 Wireframes

A wireframe is put together specifically for project managers, serving as the visual blueprint that encapsulates the app’s full page layout. Think of this as a lego ‘instruction’ manual. This intricate visual guide not only provides a hierarchical overview of the complete set of pages but also outlines the content and functionality, offering a full roadmap for effective project management.

research & DEVELOPMENT

We conduct thorough R&D prior to starting any development project. Analysing any competitors, this is followed by storyboarding the UI to pinpoint any potential weaknesses prior to coding.

Before finalising the UI designs, our team scrutinises them for any issues, ensuring a detailed review process. Subsequently, we present the refined designs to wider audiences before seeking the client approval.

tny_research (1)

Competitor analysis

If there is any competition. We identify the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in their software to create a better understanding of how your product will become the better product.

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Storyboarding involves sketching and organising our designs and ideas, incorporating images and examples from other apps or software. Typically, these elements are arranged to facilitate a creative collaboration which is often discussed over coffee and lots of long hours.




Visual IDEAS

Subsequently, we translate our concepts into tangible sketches of the user interface screens. This encompasses the design of forms, buttons, and labels, with careful attention to highlighting chosen colours and fonts. To articulate functionality clearly, we use adhesive notes to outline each stage, enabling us to provide clients with a precise understanding of the anticipated user experience.


On seeing our ideas we invite you to ask questions as well as seeking wider audiences to come up with any suggestions or concerns. Where by we will have further design meetings to discuss and implement these changes.



Design a consistent experience across desktop, iOS, and Android

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Desktop app design

No matter how technically complex your SaaS app, desktop portal software  is, we will ensure through UX Design that its not only simple to use but clear to the user what they need to do. We follow modern design methodologies to ensure we stay up-to-date on the technical skills for software projects.

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mobile app design

Users of iOS and Android are accustomed to a specific experience on their platform. To make their experience comfortable we design mobile apps in accordance with iOS or Android conventions.

recent application projects

Check out some of our recent UI/UX Design Projects.


ad lister application

Ad-Lister efficiently manages over 14 million listings on eBay and Amazon. It is crucial that the user experience (UX) remains intuitive and user-friendly.


NVENTREE App project

NVENTREE plays a pivotal role in streamlining both order processing and stock control. The user experience (UX) has gained widespread popularity, thanks to its straightforward dashboard that consolidates all relevant information onto a single page.


Balloon Blending Tool

BCB is relied upon by numerous balloon experts to facilitate quick and accurate identification of balloon colours. Its simplicity is paramount, underscoring the critical importance of a user-friendly experience (UX).


Ginger Energy

As a portal dedicated to offering payment solutions for commercial customers handling utility payments, ensuring an optimal user experience (UX) is paramount to prevent any customer confusion.