JTI case study Buyaparcel – design, coding, SEO and Project management

case study



Formed in 1978 as a plumbing and heating merchant, Buyaparcel has developed and expanded into a department store with an online service. In a short period of time they became a multi-million pound company with a loyal customer base


the challenge

Buyaparcel had an outdated website that was unable to handle traffic and the continuously growing inventory. The site experienced crashes and slow-downs during busy periods that was hurting business.

the solution

We took it up as our mission to build a custom Magento 2 website that was up to the latest standards when it comes to speed and reliability. With our team of experts, we’ve built a website that can truly represent Buyaparcel on the world-wide-web.

activity carried out

  • Designing the new UX
  • Coding and customising the Magento engine
  • SEO to ensure 
  • Project management to ensure the process is completed and fully tested

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