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Cellphonecentre, a reputable business situated in Staffordshire, sought our expertise to revamp their brand presence on eBay, encompassing both their storefront and listing template. Specialising in the sale of reconditioned mobile phones, alongside offering top-notch fix and repair services, Cellphonecentre needed a fresh and compelling design that would resonate with their target audience and reflect their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.






the challenge

Understanding the importance of a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity in the competitive online marketplace, we collaborated closely with Cellphonecentre to craft a dynamic eBay storefront and listing template that would effectively showcase their products and services.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of their eBay presence, our redesign aimed to streamline the user experience, making it easier for customers to browse, shop, and engage with Cellphonecentre’s offerings. By incorporating intuitive navigation elements and clear calls-to-action, we aimed to drive conversion rates and foster customer loyalty.

the solution

The integration of the Ad-Lister Mobile App was essential to kickstart the listing process seamlessly. With Cellphonecentre’s operational flow centred around receiving parts in the warehouse, unpacking them, and capturing photos while providing essential details such as title and item specifics, the mobile app proved invaluable in expediting these initial steps.

Transitioning to the Ad-Lister Desktop App served to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the listing. This shift allowed Cellphonecentre to leverage the desktop environment’s broader capabilities for fine-tuning the appearance and layout of their listings. By harnessing the advanced features of the desktop app, Cellphonecentre could ensure that their listings not only conveyed professionalism but also effectively showcased their reconditioned mobile phones and repair services, thereby maximizing their impact on potential customers.

activity carried out

  • Developed the brand identity for the new eBay store, including crafting a cohesive listing template to elevate visual appeal and customer engagement.
  • Conducted personalized 1-to-1 training sessions at Cellphonecentre’s offices, covering both the mobile and desktop solutions of Ad-Lister, ensuring seamless integration and optimization of listing processes.
  • Achieved significant project success, resulting in the expansion to a second eBay store, CellFullCentre. This involved comprehensive redesign efforts encompassing both storefront and listing template, in addition to the creation of a distinctive logo to reinforce brand identity and market positioning.

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