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Premium is a service for premium brands and ambitious sellers who are looking for a more professional level of service. Offering the full suite of services including the shop design, categories boxes, either a new or rebrand of your existing logo. Supreme focuses on customer experience, as it’s an essential aspect of any successful ebay seller. Paying attention to promotional opportunities as well as the customers journey to make the sale.

The fact that Premium is a fully bespoke package is also noteworthy, as it shows that the service is willing to work with clients to create a design that meets their specific needs. The personal consultation, design preview, analysis on your competition and feedback process ensure that clients are involved in the design process from start to finish, resulting in a final product that they The supporting software Ad-lister that Supreme provides is also a significant selling point. By streamlining and simplifying the selling process on eBay, clients can save time and focus on other aspects of their business. The ability to apply design directly to live listings, set cross-promotion rules, and edit listings in bulk from a single dashboard is particularly impressive.

Overall, Premium is an excellent service that would be well-suited for premium brands and ambitious sellers who want to take their eBay listings to the next level.

    • A custom product page design
    • eBay Shop adding banners and category images.
    • Dynamic eBay Categories
    • Dynamic cross-promotion
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Add eBay Images
    • Add eBay Video
    • Cross-Sell Similar Items
    • Clean HTML coding techniques
    • Up-Sell Best Seller
    • Apply design to all eBay Items
    • Free Training & Support
    • Apply eBay Variations
    • Apply eBay Compatibility

    Ad-Lister Software

    • The design is automatically added to your ad-lister account
    • Bulk update all your live listings
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Our designs are compatible with all listing software including Ad-lister


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