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Gosh Rocks Jewellery Company, nestled in the heart of Birmingham’s renowned jewellery quarter, is embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainability and ethical sourcing by embracing lab-grown diamonds. With a commitment to becoming the premier provider of eco-conscious and socially responsible diamonds, Gosh Rocks is making waves in the industry.

JTI took on the challenge of crafting a brand-new website and eCommerce platform for Gosh Rocks, powered by WooCommerce. The outcome is a seamless fusion of elegance and functionality, showcasing a user-friendly interface that caters to every customer. Central to this design is an intuitive ring builder, meticulously engineered to guide users through the process effortlessly. Now, selecting the perfect diamond and its accompanying ring is as simple as can be, ensuring a delightful experience for all.


the challenge

Gosh Rocks envisioned a streamlined ring builder website that seamlessly bridged the gap between lab-grown diamonds and the corresponding rings. This presented a unique challenge, given the sheer volume of options and thousands of diamonds per shape and carat.

Recognising that overwhelming users with such vast choices would be counterproductive, we devised a solution. Our approach centred on empowering users to refine their search based on price and carat, ultimately presenting them with the 12 best-matched results. This curated selection ensured a more manageable browsing experience without sacrificing quality or variety.

Facilitating this process involved intricate data management within WooCommerce, where each diamond’s details were meticulously catalogued. Integration with the NIVODA API was key, ensuring accurate information retrieval and seamless transmission to the cart for user purchase.

Moreover, as the relationship between Gosh Rocks and its ring suppliers was critical, we implemented a matching system based on diamond shape. This ensured that each selected diamond seamlessly paired with a complementary ring, fostering a cohesive and satisfying shopping experience for customers.

the solution

The website was meticulously crafted, incorporating custom coding and seamless API integration with NIVODA, the esteemed supplier of the lab-grown diamonds. Leveraging the power of WordPress, we achieved a flawless synchronization with NIVODA’s stock management system, ensuring real-time updates and inventory accuracy.

A highlight of this collaboration is the innovative ring builder tool, meticulously developed to empower Gosh Rocks in expanding into the realm of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. With WordPress as our foundation, we’ve streamlined the process, enabling swift introduction of new product ranges and functionalities.

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, speed to market is paramount. Our agile approach and dedication to bespoke development features have propelled Gosh Rocks to success, enriching the user experience and solidifying their position as a leader in ethical and sustainable jewellery.

activity carried out

  • In our WordPress development, we engineered custom code tailored to seamlessly integrate diamond options into the website’s selection process. This bespoke solution not only enhances user experience but also ensures that every diamond presented is precisely aligned with the user’s preferences.

  • Our attention to detail extended to the creation of the ring builder page, providing users with an intuitive interface to select their preferred material variation. This functionality empowers users to customize their choices, fostering a sense of ownership over their selections.

  • To establish a cohesive relationship between lab-grown diamonds and their corresponding rings, we meticulously organized data across various spreadsheets. These intricate data structures serve as the backbone of our system, facilitating seamless pairings and ensuring a harmonious shopping experience.

  • In addition to development, our team spearheaded the design and execution of the website, meticulously crafting each element to reflect Gosh Rocks’ ethos of elegance and sustainability. Collaborating with FamousWolf for storyboard creation and EmotiveEye for video production, we brought Gosh Rocks’ vision to life through captivating visual storytelling.

  • Further enhancing the purchasing process, we implemented a streamlined email system to directly communicate chosen ring specifications to the appropriate manufacturer upon purchase. This automated communication ensures swift and accurate fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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