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What will you get from a website design agency

One problem with website design is that it isn’t really timeless. Your online business has to change with the times or else it will quickly lag behind its competitors. Either creating a website from scratch or revamping it are scary thoughts but with the aid of a high quality website design agency, you barely have to lift a finger.

Most customers prefer to choose an agency to a freelancer because of more reliable customer service and higher standards of work. Remember, the power should remain in your hands so don’t accept a web design agency that doesn’t look out for its customers. Below, we look at some of the behaviour you should not put up with.

Being Ignored

No website design firm should be allowed to ignore customers and get away with it. While firms tend to reply within 24 hours, the best companies will get back to you within 6 hours regardless of whether you have texted, phoned or emailed them. Even if your specific designer is busy, there should be someone ready to step in and handle your queries.

Lack of Assistance

While most people don’t want to get involved in the design of their website once they have hired a professional, the best web designers will do whatever they can to help you update and operate if necessary. If an agency refuses to show you how to perform even minor edits such as adding written content or even changing font, find a company that will. Good agencies look to empower clients rather than rendering them helpless.

Avoids Technology

The top design firms in the field will always look to use time-saving technology that is easily accessible and affordable. For example, this would include Magento online shopping features, Zopo for customised content management and WordPress to deal with information pages. These are fantastic tools that are often free or else they are cost effective and they produce high quality work.

Overcharges for Maintenance

You should look to avoid getting into any contract where website building and maintenance are billed at the same hourly rate. The best website design agencies will always have a separate rate for web building and maintenance because they are different skills and should have varying rates. Maintenance takes a lot less skill and should be a much quicker process than website building. Typically, a high quality web design agency will have a different team for the purposes of maintenance.

The client should always be in control when hiring a web design agency. We need YOUR business and while you also need our assistance, there are hundreds of companies in the marketplace so you should never be afraid to move on from a company if you are not happy with what they are offering. As such, you should be specific when it comes to determining which of the web design’s employee’s work on the contract and the best firms will have no problem with this and will be transparent. Your project should be their top priority so don’t allow them to fob you off by assigning it to a low ranking employee. You pay for the best so that is what you should be receiving.

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