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Lucy and Yak


eBay extended an exclusive invitation to JTI, tasking them with the exciting project of designing and setting up the Lucy and Yak store on their platform. This collaboration also entailed the integration of shipping logistics through Orange Connex, adding an extra layer of complexity to the project. Despite the tight deadline of just two weeks, which encompassed not only completing the branding but also training Lucy and Yak’s team on the intricacies of Ad-lister, JTI enthusiastically rose to the challenge.



the challenge

With a keen focus on both efficiency and quality, JTI embarked on a comprehensive branding journey, meticulously crafting a store design that resonated with Lucy and Yak’s unique ethos and aesthetic. From selecting colour palettes to curating visual elements, every aspect was carefully considered to ensure alignment with the brand’s identity and values.

Simultaneously, JTI worked tirelessly to integrate Orange Connex’s shipping solution seamlessly into the eBay store infrastructure. This involved configuring shipping settings, establishing communication channels, and testing the functionality to guarantee a smooth and reliable shipping experience for Lucy and Yak’s customers.


the solution

Despite the demanding timeline, JTI remained dedicated to providing comprehensive training to Lucy and Yak’s team on the utilisation of Ad-lister. Through personalized coaching sessions and hands-on guidance, they equipped the team with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the platform confidently and effectively manage their listings.

By the end of the two-week period, JTI had successfully delivered a fully operational eBay store for Lucy and Yak, complete with a visually captivating design and integrated shipping solution. Their commitment to excellence and ability to meet tight deadlines underscored their reputation as a trusted partner in the e-commerce landscape.

activity carried out

  • Created a customised design for both the eBay store layout and listing template, capturing the essence of Lucy and Yak’s brand identity while enhancing visual appeal and user experience.
  • Seamlessly imported all existing live listings into Ad-lister, ensuring smooth integration and centralised management of inventory.
  • Implemented a streamlined process for posting products, including accurate stock level updates, to Orange Connex for efficient fulfillment management, optimising operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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