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AKOJO MARKET is dedicated to curating thoughtfully crafted collections that embody both ethical practices and compelling narratives. Their commitment is evident in the collaboration with artisan-led brands worldwide, creating a bridge to international markets. By doing so, they bring a curated selection of sustainable homeware and lifestyle products right to your door, ensuring that each piece carries a meaningful story.

The Shopify Plus platform enables AKOJO to implement the Trade and Wholesale, providing a unique space for businesses seeking ethically-made, sustainable offerings. The decision to build a website on Shopify stems from its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers.



the challenge

The website initially constructed by a prior web design agency fell short of meeting the comprehensive requirements set by AKOJO. Recognising the need for additional features, JTI assumed the responsibility of enhancing the website, addressing critical gaps such as the implementation of a robust reviews engine, which was a pivotal requirement.

By leveraging the advanced capabilities offered by Shopify Plus, we propelled AKOJO into a realm of functionality that surpassed the constraints of a basic Shopify subscription. This strategic move not only addressed existing limitations but also future-proofed the website, ensuring a scalable and dynamic platform. Through this collaborative effort, JTI and AKOJO worked hand in hand to deliver an enriched online experience, aligning seamlessly with AKOJO’s vision and business objectives.


the solution

Using Shopify not only ensures a seamless and secure login system for the Akojo clientele but also allows them to offer a more sophisticated and customisable user experience. Shopify Plus serves as the backbone of the commitment to providing a robust and scalable solution, catering specifically to the unique demands of trade and wholesale transactions. 

activity carried out

  • Expert Shopify Store Design & Development
  • Custom-made Shopify Theme Development
  • Seamless Personalized Reviews Integration
  • Trade & Wholesale integration
  • Customised Cart Functionality
  • Continued on going updates and support

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