The Antser Group emerged from a profound commitment to instigate positive change within the health and social care sectors, driven by a vision of connectivity and transformation. Their amalgamate expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a spirit of innovation with a singular objective: to foster improved outcomes for children and families. The foundation is rooted in the belief that a connected and transformative approach is the catalyst for creating a meaningful impact in the realms of health and social care.


the challenge

Triberia served as our esteemed design agency collaborator throughout this project, seamlessly bringing their expertise to elevate the UX and visual elements. Their dedication and innovative approach not only breathed life into the design but also enhanced the overall workflow, contributing significantly to the project’s success. Together, we forged a dynamic partnership that transformed ideas into a captivating and functional reality, setting a new standard for excellence in design and user experience.

the solution

Our website development was meticulously crafted using WordPress, a platform known for its versatility and robust features. Throughout the development process, we maintained a collaborative rhythm with the talented design agency, Triberia. This involved periodic check-ins to align the evolving website with the precision of the designers’ drafts. By seamlessly integrating their creative vision with our technical implementation, we ensured not only accuracy but also a harmonious synergy between design and functionality. This iterative feedback loop played a crucial role in refining and perfecting the final product, resulting in a website that not only met but exceeded the expectations set by the initial design concepts.



activity carried out

  • Triberia took the reins in delivering the compelling graphics and a seamless UX design for the Antser website.
  • Leveraging their expertise, we embarked on the website development journey using WordPress, a platform renowned for its versatility and user-friendly features.
  • To enhance the site’s security and performance, we not only assigned an SSL certificate but also granted CPANEL access to Triberia. This empowered them to optimize the HTML and elevate the onsite SEO, ensuring that our digital presence was finely tuned for maximum impact.
  • Recognizing the importance of dynamic content, Antser collaborated with JTI to implement and encourage a dedicated news page. This strategic move aimed to infuse the website with fresh, relevant content on a weekly basis, enriching the user experience and keeping visitors engaged.
  • This multi-faceted approach, blending design excellence, technical precision, and content strategy, resulted in a website that not only met but exceeded industry standards, setting a new benchmark for their online presence.

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