The Bead Selection


Founded in 2010, THE BEAD SELECTION stands as a UK-based family-run business, dedicated to delivering top-notch Jewellery Making Supplies to customers across the UK, Europe, and Worldwide. Having entrusted us with various projects, including the management of their eBay store, the company has now expanded its digital presence with a new Shopify website.

This strategic move to Shopify not only marks a significant step forward but also empowers the company with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This user-friendly CRM solution ensures effortless management by the customer, allowing them to efficiently oversee and optimize their online operations. As a committed partner, we are proud to support THE BEAD SELECTION in their digital endeavour’s and contribute to the success of their thriving business.


the challenge

Having already established a strong presence as a reputable business seller on eBay, the transition to Shopify for website creation represented a strategic move for THE BEAD SELECTION. This shift necessitated the implementation of a dynamic cart solution capable of fostering deeper engagement with their customer base. Unlike eBay, the Shopify platform enables THE BEAD SELECTION to curate and present exclusive offers, expanding their repertoire beyond what’s typically seen on eBay.

This transition to Shopify not only allows for a more personalized shopping experience but also opens avenues for additional revenue streams and the introduction of unique products not commonly found on eBay. By embracing the flexibility and versatility of Shopify, THE BEAD SELECTION aims to elevate its online presence, providing a differentiated and enticing shopping environment for its valued customers.


the solution

Utilising the efficiency of Ad-lister, THE BEAD COLLECTION seamlessly transferred their extensive product catalogue onto the Shopify platform. Our collaborative efforts extended beyond mere data transfer, as our design team meticulously crafted a purpose-built website. The goal was to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for potential buyers, allowing them to effortlessly navigate the site, locate specific products, choose the correct sizes, and add items to their carts with ease.

This integrated approach not only streamlined the migration process but also focused on enhancing the overall user journey. By combining technology with thoughtful design, we aimed to empower THE BEAD COLLECTION with a visually appealing and functionally robust Shopify website, providing a compelling online shopping experience for their customers.

activity carried out

  • Design the Shopify Website based on their eBay store
  • Code and provide simple categories to gain access to the products more easily.
  • SEO and optimisation services
  • Project management throughout to ensure the website was completed and fully tested

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