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Bliss Nutrition


Tony and Penny Wing, are dedicated Independent Distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. As a dynamic husband and wife duo, they share a profound belief in the transformative power of Herbalife Nutrition products, which played a pivotal role in helping them regain their fitness journey back in 1986. Inspired by the remarkable changes they personally witnessed, the Wings made the unequivocal and intuitive decision to extend these benefits to a broader audience, leading to the creation of their website. Their journey embodies a commitment to well-being and a genuine desire to share the positive impact of Herbalife Nutrition with others.


the challenge

Integrating the herbal products into Shopify posed a unique challenge, primarily due to the absence of a direct feed. Each product, including variations in size or flavour, had to be meticulously added manually. With a product line up exceeding 500 products, this task proved to be quite intricate. Additionally, a significant hurdle arose from the suboptimal quality of many of the product images—some were inherently poor, while others had pixilation issues.

The initial phase demanded considerable effort in overcoming these hurdles during the setup process. Addressing the intricacies of each product and ensuring accurate representation became a noteworthy undertaking. However, these challenges were a necessary precursor to establishing a robust foundation for our online presence.

Despite the initial complexities, once the groundwork was laid, the actual construction of the website within the Shopify platform proved to be a streamlined process. The user-friendly features and tools offered by Shopify facilitated a smooth and efficient website build, allowing us to present our herbal products seamlessly to our customers. The combination of diligent setup efforts and the ease of the Shopify platform ultimately resulted in a well-crafted online space tailored to showcase our extensive product range.

the solution

Our mission for Bliss Nutrition was to merge top-tier design expertise and cutting-edge UI skills with contemporary development practices, thereby providing Bliss Nutrition with a website on the Shopify platform. Going above and beyond the constraints of native tools in Shopify, we harnessed the advanced customization features offered by Shopify Plus.

In pursuit of a website that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, our team seamlessly integrated expert design elements to enhance the user experience. By leveraging the robust capabilities of Shopify Plus, we were able to implement tailor-made solutions that elevate Bliss Nutrition’s online presence.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the conventional, ensuring that Bliss Nutrition benefits from a platform uniquely crafted to align with its brand identity and customer expectations. The use of Shopify Plus allowed us to create a bespoke online environment that not only reflects the essence of Bliss Nutrition but also stands out in terms of functionality and aesthetics in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

activity carried out

  • Professional Logo Design
  • Add all the products and associated variations both size and flavour into Ad-Lister and then post to Shopify
  • Expert Shopify Store Design & Development
  • Tailor-made Shopify Theme Development
  • Seamless Personalised Reviews Integration
  • Customised Cart Functionality
  • Stripe integration

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