Branding Design

Branding Design


Born from the success of SubSport and MudandBlood, Bodyshell emerged as a brand dedicated to providing athletes of all levels with top-notch baselayers. Fuelled by a commitment to the continuous innovation, the company strived to offer customers the pinnacle of comfort and performance in every product.

Bodyshell offers an extensive range of technologically advanced garments for both men and women.


the challenge

Conceptualise a collection of leggings, compression socks, and tops that not only embody the brand’s ethos of creating durable clothing for challenging Ultra, Trail runs terrains but also prioritise aesthetics and clothing that can be worn in the gym. Bodyshell caters to Men, Women, and Kids, aiming for inclusivity in its offerings. Infuse vibrant colours into the design palette and create products that are not only functional but also boast shapely aesthetics and ease of fitting.

the solution

By utilising fabrics like elastane and polyester, we successfully engineered a product that not only provides stretch but also stands up to demanding conditions. Thorough observations of the early prototypes allowed us to assess their performance in challenging situations.

The garment is meticulously crafted to serve as a second skin, ensuring a snug fit upon initial use. Over time, it adjusts to your leg size, offering an ideal solution for base layers where a tight fit is crucial for optimal performance and efficient recovery.

activity carried out

  • Pioneered the creation of both the brand and its garments, contributing significantly to the design and development process.
  • Prioritised the incorporation of comfort and advanced moisture-wicking properties in the fabrics to efficiently move sweat away from the body, ensuring a irritation-free experience during exercise.
  • Orchestrated the design of a brand that seamlessly blends fashion and endurance, offering appeal to both Men and Women.
  • Led the design of recyclable packaging, aligning with the sustainability ethos of our target market, primarily consisting of vegan runners.
  • Emphasised our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices through the thoughtful design and development process.

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