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Branding Design


Brumtours offers an immersive entertainment experience, guiding visitors through the iconic Peaky Blinders areas of Birmingham. Among our engaging speakers, Carl Chinn a local historian takes you on a captivating journey back in time, delving into the rich history behind this renowned TV show.

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the challenge

We crafted and developed not only the branding including the Brum Tours logo but also the website for an all-encompassing experience. Additionally, curated a range of enticing promotional items available for purchase, enhancing the customer’s tour experience.

the solution

To forge a brand that not only embodies the essence of Brum Tours but also becomes an iconic representation of Birmingham. The logo should possess the allure that prompts customers to desire it on various promotional merchandise such as jumpers, umbrellas, cups, and badges.

The website was designed to feature a user-friendly booking system, allowing visitors to seamlessly reserve their experience online. Additionally, it caters to the culinary preferences of patrons by facilitating the selection of their preferred ‘Peaky Meal’—a delightful combination of faggots and potatoes, accompanied by a refreshing ale to complement the gastronomic experience. This interactive and intuitive approach ensures that visitors can not only secure their spot but also tailor their culinary journey for a personalized and enjoyable outing.

activity carried out

  • Conceptualise and design the distinctive logo for BrumTours.
  • Craft the visual aesthetics and user flow of the website.
  • Develop an enticing array of merchandise available for the customer to purchase.
  • Integrate a seamless booking system into the WordPress website for convenient tour reservations.
  • Provide branded emails for confirmation of bookings.
  • Code and customise pages to optimise the website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Implement comprehensive SEO and optimization services for enhanced online presence.
  • Oversee project management to ensure a smooth, efficient, and thoroughly tested process.
  • Provide ongoing managed services to ensure the website operates seamlessly at all times.
  • Host the website on WeHost to ensure faster loading times on Google
  • Setup both Google Analytics and Google Search Console
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