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CutPriceWholesaler stands out as a prominent wholesaler in the UK, specializing in the distribution of partyware and gifts to numerous retail outlets and online businesses. In order to efficiently manage their inventory and streamline point-of-sale operations for cash and carry, they use RBA Retailer as their preferred partner.

However, despite their success, the current state of their website poses challenges. Running on outdated cart technology called Zencart, the platform hinders the implementation of several key functionalities crucial for the expansion and growth of their business. Recognising the limitations, CutPriceWholesaler sought out the help of JTI to upgrade their digital infrastructure to a more advanced and versatile solution that aligns with their evolving business needs.


the challenge

CutPriceWholesaler boasts an extensive catalog featuring over 18,000 products, a substantial inventory that contributes to their market presence. However, their operational model revolves around not always having immediate stock availability. Consequently, their website is designed to accept orders even when the items may not be in stock at the moment of purchase. This unique approach allows customers to place orders, and the system communicates seamlessly with RBA to confirm and commit to the order, even before payment is received.

Given the possibility of items being temporarily out of stock, CutPriceWholesaler acknowledges the need for proactive communication. In instances where the ordered items are unavailable, the customer is promptly notified of potential delays or alternative solutions. Once the order is ready for fulfillment, RBA takes charge, ensuring a smooth process. This workflow is particularly beneficial for customers who often pay by cheque, a common practice in schools, where immediate online order commitment may not be feasible at the time of purchase.


the solution

Leveraging the power of Magento version 2 and employing a suite of carefully selected plugins, we meticulously engineered a website for CutPriceWholesaler that not only replicates the existing platform but also introduces a plethora of innovative functionalities absent in their current setup. One standout feature is the integration of elastic search, significantly enhancing the user experience by delivering swift and accurate search results.

Our customization extends beyond mere replication, offering CutPriceWholesaler and its customers the convenience of purchasing items in versatile batch quantities – be it 12, 24, or 36 packs. This flexibility caters to diverse customer preferences and bulk ordering needs, fostering a seamless and tailored shopping experience.

Furthermore, to showcase the extensive range of products, we incorporated a dynamic mega menu. This feature not only streamlines navigation but also visually highlights the myriad categories within the website. By presenting a visually appealing and easily accessible menu, customers can effortlessly explore the diverse offerings, enhancing their overall browsing and shopping satisfaction.

In essence, our Magento 2-based solution not only mirrors the familiar interface of CutPriceWholesaler’s previous website but elevates it by integrating advanced features that enhance functionality, convenience, and the overall appeal of the online shopping experience.

activity carried out

  • We took a comprehensive approach in redesigning CutPriceWholesaler’s website, implementing a series of enhancements to optimize user experience and operational efficiency. Our focus on speed optimization ensured a consistently fast performance across the entire website.

  • The introduction of a streamlined one-page checkout process aimed to simplify and expedite the purchasing journey for customers. Additionally, we incorporated the functionality to add multiple batches, facilitating quick and efficient bulk ordering for the convenience of buyers.

  • A notable feature is the integration with the Magento application, allowing orders to be placed without immediate payment. The seamless communication between Magento and RBA ensures that confirmation is handled effectively, streamlining the purchase process. Regular stock updates to Magento, occurring every 30 minutes, keep inventory information accurate and up-to-date.

  • To enhance the visual appeal and navigation of the website, we incorporated a mega menu, providing an organized and user-friendly platform to showcase the diverse categories available. This not only facilitates easy exploration for customers but also ensures all categories are effectively housed within the menu.

  • Our customization efforts extended to the creation of custom invoice and newsletter templates, adding a personalized touch to communications with customers. We also integrated all available shipping options to cater to diverse delivery preferences.

  • In summary, our redesign not only focused on the aesthetics but also on enhancing functionality, efficiency, and user satisfaction throughout the entire shopping process for CutPriceWholesaler.


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