The Despatch App, developed in collaboration with NVENTREE, empowers larger companies by facilitating the placement of iPads and tablets on workstations. This innovative solution streamlines the process for pickers and packers, making order fulfilment more efficient and enabling seamless order dispatch to customers.


the challenge

The UX Design had to embody simplicity, with the objective of achieving a swift order processing timeline—from order receipt to label printing and item boxing, aiming for a mere 45 seconds per order. The Despatch App additionally required robust user identification features to seamlessly recognize and track users throughout their sessions. This includes monitoring individual user timelines, preferred courier services, and any address modifications, all meticulously logged within the main system for comprehensive order management.

the solution

We developed the application using REACT Native to ensure its compatibility with various tablet devices, including iPads. The software mandates user login for secure access, and any updates made are seamlessly recorded back into the central NVENTREE system. Each user’s daily workload accomplishments are meticulously documented alongside their profile. The application, by default, retrieves the anticipated courier label from the corresponding platform, be it eBay, Amazon, B&Q, and others. Users have the flexibility to upgrade the service before the order is dispatched to the courier. Once the label is printed, the order is promptly booked with the courier, and NVENTREE initiates tracking to provide real-time updates to the platform.

activity carried out

  • Craft a user-centric UX for the tablet application, ensuring an intuitive and efficient design. Develop a robust API that facilitates seamless communication between Despatch and NVENTREE.

  • Construct the codebase using REACT Native for cross-platform compatibility.

  • Implement stringent user access security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

  • Enable comprehensive activity logging, reporting all user actions back to NVENTREE for thorough monitoring.

  • Integrate the Despatch system with default courier services assigned to each order for streamlined logistics.

  • Empower users to upgrade their courier service and modify delivery addresses seamlessly.

  • Enhance the system’s capability to identify bundled products within each order, providing a comprehensive view of product associations for improved operational efficiency.


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