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DR Bikes stands as a prominent figure within the eBay community, recognised for their extensive catalogue of motorbike parts and accessories. As a leading power seller, they recognize the importance of a strong brand presence to distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace. To this end, they’ve engaged us to develop and integrate a branded Shop page and eBay listing template into Ad-lister, the backbone of their listing management system.



the challenge

Our collaboration with DR Bikes extends beyond the design enhancements. We’re committed to crafting a comprehensive branding solution that not only captures the essence of their business but also optimizes functionality and user experience. By tailoring the Shop page and listing template to reflect DR Bikes’ unique identity and value proposition, we aimed to foster deeper connections with their target audience and drive conversion rates.


the solution

The eBay design template was integrated into Ad-lister ensuring seamless implementation across all of the DR Bikes’ listings, streamlining their operations and minimising manual efforts.

Through this unified approach, DR Bikes can maintain consistency in branding and messaging across their entire inventory, reinforcing their market position as a trusted provider of quality motorbike parts and accessories on eBay.

activity carried out

  • Designed custom eBay shop and listing templates tailored to DR Bikes’ brand identity and market positioning.
  • Successfully integrated the newly designed listing template into Ad-Lister, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality.
  • Imported DR Bikes’ listings into Ad-Lister and applied the custom design across the entire inventory, enhancing visual appeal and brand consistency.

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