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Established on June 23, 2001, Enfield Town FC embarked on its journey in the 2001-02 season, gracing the Essex Senior League. In a remarkable inaugural season, the club secured the runners-up position, setting the stage for an even more impressive follow-up year, where they clinched the league championship.

Enfield Town FC’s tenure in the Essex Senior League proved to be a triumph, marked by two championship victories, two league cups, as well as notable triumphs in prestigious competitions such as the Middlesex Charity Cup. The team’s accomplishments extended beyond regular league play, as evidenced by their victories in the Gordon Brasted Memorial Trophy and Capital Counties Feeder Leagues Trophy finals. Their unwavering efforts and success on multiple fronts truly define Enfield Town FC’s remarkable legacy in those formative years.


the challenge

Numerous football clubs below the Premiership often adopt an outdated and passive stance toward their online presence. Many neglect the potential of utilizing digital media to keep supporters and parents informed, foster merchandise sales, and boost ticket revenue. Addressing this issue, the challenge was to create a website that not only showcased all junior teams and their players but also identified those players whose parents were comfortable sharing photographs.

The initiative aimed at crafting a website that the club could proudly flaunt, ensuring up-to-date information for supporters and parents. By seamlessly integrating Rebel Branding’s expertise in design, a visually appealing and user-friendly website was developed. This collaboration reflects the ongoing partnership between our organization and Rebel Branding, highlighting our commitment to enhancing digital experiences for football enthusiasts and facilitating revenue opportunities for the club through merchandise sales and ticket promotions.

the solution

In collaboration with Rebel Branding, we adopted an innovative strategy inspired by the Panini sticker album model. Users can seamlessly navigate the website to select their preferred team, unveiling a collective team photograph followed by individual player images. To adhere to GDPR regulations concerning children’s privacy, we intentionally omitted individual profile pages for each player.

Our choice of utilizing WordPress as the platform for website development underscores our commitment to user-friendly and versatile solutions. This approach not only enhances the interactive and engaging aspects of exploring team content but also ensures strict compliance with privacy regulations, particularly when it comes to young players.

activity carried out

  • Rebel Branding played a pivotal role in crafting the visual components of the site and furnishing comprehensive team content.
  • Our team took charge of the coding aspects, implementing the development using WordPress.
  • To optimise performance, we meticulously compressed the images, ensuring swift and efficient delivery on the Google platform.
  • Additionally, we conducted rigorous speed tests to fine-tune the website, guaranteeing an optimal and seamless user experience.

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