Engraving World


Engraving World is a company that specialises in engraving services. They offer a wide range of services, including laser, rotary, and hand engraving. Additionally, they provide engraving services for various materials, such as metal, wood, glass, and plastic. Furthermore, Engraving World ensures high-quality results by utilising state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, they offer personalised engraving options, allowing customers to add a unique touch to their items. A website was required to enable the visitors to capture the engraving requirements, font type, size and colour.


the challenge

Our task was twofold: first, to craft a logo that encapsulates the intricate artistry of the engraving process, and second, to develop a cutting-edge website leveraging Magento 2 technology. The logo design aimed to visually communicate the precision, craftsmanship, and attention to detail inherent in the art of engraving. Meanwhile, the website, powered by Magento 2, was strategically crafted to provide an immersive and seamless user experience, ensuring a dynamic platform that not only showcases the beauty of engraving but also facilitates a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing online presence for our client.

the solution

Using Magento 2, we were able to enhance the product pages by incorporating personalisation features. This allowed customers to choose from a diverse selection of fonts, customize the fixing options, and specify custom text for badges and engraved signs.

activity carried out

  • Design and create a captivating Engraving World logo
  • Craft a visually appealing and seamless website design
  • Implement coding and customization to fulfil all client requirements
  • Provide SEO and optimisation services to enhance online visibility
  • Efficient project management to ensure thorough testing and completion of the website
  • Develop a mobile-compatible version of the website using Magento 2
  • Ensure the website is published through GSC
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Host the website using WeHost

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