Case Study

100% recyclable cardboard tents


This project involves both the design and development of the Envirotents website, a dedicated platform aimed at promoting eco-friendly camping solutions. The website is designed to highlight sustainability, employing a visually striking and interactive experience to better engage users.

This engagement is driven by a combination of aesthetic appeal and functional design, which helps to communicate the importance of environmental responsibility while enhancing the overall user experience. The focus is on making sustainability both accessible and appealing to visitors, encouraging them to embrace eco-friendly camping practices.


the challenge

The primary challenge was to create an appealing and informative website that resonates with environmentally conscious festival-goers. The site needed to be visually engaging, easy to navigate, and informative, emphasising the eco-friendly benefits of the product.

the solution

To address the challenge, a clean, user-friendly design was implemented with engaging visuals and interactive elements. The website was structured to provide a seamless user experience, highlighting key product features and benefits through attractive graphics and intuitive design. A mobile-responsive design ensured accessibility across all devices.

Activity carried out

The project involved:

  • Conceptualising and implementing the website’s layout and design.
  • Crafting graphics that reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Creating detailed 3D renders of the cardboard tent to visually demonstrate the product’s design and functionality, enhancing the user’s understanding and appreciation of the innovative features.
  • Developing content that effectively communicates the product’s environmental benefits.
  • Ensuring the website’s functionality across various platforms and devices.

This approach not only improved user interaction but also effectively conveyed the brand’s mission of reducing festival waste through innovative camping solutions.

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