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Branding logo design, brouchure – Epic Investments

Branding Design
Epic Investments


Epic Investments emerged as a new brand under the umbrella of our client’s well-established estate agency business. Tailored to cater to investment opportunities, particularly focusing on acquiring properties off-plan, the brand was strategically designed to exude a sense of luxury and captivate prospective investors.

To establish a strong visual identity, we meticulously crafted a distinctive logo that reflects the opulence and appeal synonymous with high-end investments. Complementing this, we curated a sophisticated brochure that serves as a visual narrative, articulating the allure and benefits of Epic Investments.

The seamless integration of the brand’s aesthetics across the logo and brochure is aimed at not just informing but also evoking a sense of exclusivity and potential for lucrative investments. Epic Investments is positioned as an enticing venture, inviting investors to explore opportunities that marry opulence with sound financial choices.


the challenge

For this branding, the key was to create a memorable, traditional, and natural logo. One that can be drawn from site if you viewed it for 30 seconds and had to commit to paper from memory. To achieve this, we turned off the computer and by hand our designers presented their works to be judged by the client to ensure we created something truly special with a genuine crafted feel. Subsequently, the design was redrawn on the computer to retain its character and enable practical deployment on a range of promotional and signage solutions.
All in all, by combining a traditional approach with modern technology, we were able to produce a successful result.

the solution

Our design goal was to transcend the commonplace aesthetics of a typical domestic home market estate agency, instead crafting an identity for Epic Investments that exudes quality and sophistication. Tailored for a discerning clientele, primarily large overseas investors from Dubai and the Arab Emirates, the brand needed to evoke a sense of grandeur.

The choice of the word ‘Epic’ itself carries connotations of opulence and grand scale, setting the tone for the logo and overall branding. The logo we created is not just a symbol; it’s a visual statement that can seamlessly transition across various mediums. Whether on the side of a building, a van, a brochure, or even a pen, the design radiates a timeless appeal that aligns with the upscale nature of Epic Investments. Each element has been meticulously considered to convey the essence of luxury and durability, ensuring that the brand exudes an air of excellence across every touchpoint.

activity carried out

  • Strategically Designed Logo
    Crafted a distinctive logo tailored to convey a sense of grandeur and exclusivity, befitting large-scale investment opportunities.

  • Colour Palette Expertise:
    Ensured the logo incorporated a carefully chosen colour palette, aligning with the brand’s identity and resonating with the target clientele.

  • Compelling brochure copy:
    Developed persuasive and informative copy for the brochure, positioning Epic Investments as an enticing investment partner for potential stakeholders.

  • Full-spectrum Project Management:
    Undertook comprehensive project management, overseeing every stage from initial design conceptualization to the final print and delivery, ensuring a seamless and cohesive execution of the branding process.


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