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Fleetline Tyres


Fleetline Tyre Services, established in 2007, embarked on its journey with just one van dedicated to providing a mobile service. Over the years, their commitment to excellence has propelled them to expand their fleet to ten vans and establish a spacious unit capable of servicing any vehicle type.


the challenge

Fleetline Tyres embarked on a quest for a strategic partner to craft a sophisticated informational website that would play a pivotal role in propelling their business expansion. The primary challenge lay in constructing a website that not only embodied a pristine aesthetic but also boasted seamless navigation in line with stringent brand guidelines. The objective was to facilitate effortless exploration of product pages, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The envisioned website was slated to serve as a powerful global brand projection tool, fostering new inquiries and potential business partnerships. Beyond aesthetics, a critical goal was to address the pressing issue of their diminished rank and organic presence on Google. The task at hand required not merely an improvement but a significant overhaul to rejuvenate their digital standing.

In essence, Fleetline Tyres sought a digital ally capable of translating their brand ethos into a visually appealing, user-centric, and technologically robust online platform, poised to elevate their online visibility and open doors to a broader spectrum of business opportunities.

the solution

JTI meticulously engineered a visually captivating UX/UI design for Fleetline Tyres, presenting a cutting-edge, globally resonant website tailored to corporate audiences. This aesthetically pleasing and brand-consistent platform is not only information-rich but also elevates user experience, effectively showcasing the extensive array of available tyres. Key milestones achieved include securing the top position on Google for truck tyres, an impressive 800% surge in user engagement duration, a notable 35% reduction in bounce rate, and a remarkable 750% increase in organic traffic within the initial six months post-launch.

At the core of this success is a client-focused content management system, carefully tailored to sustain brand uniformity while augmenting the site’s overall appeal and functionality. This bespoke system not only ensures seamless management of content but also contributes significantly to the enduring success of the website, solidifying Fleetline Tyres’ digital presence and resonance in the competitive market.

the results


Google for truck tyres - surge in user engagement duration


Increase in organic traffic within the initial six months post-launch


Reduction in bounce rate

activity carried out

  • Designed a unique logo and brand identity that encapsulates the core essence of Fleetline Tyres
  • Executed the integration of a user-friendly menu and a mobile-responsive interface, guaranteeing effortless accessibility across both Android and IOS devices.
  • Developed a set of icons to illustrate and communicate the diverse range of services provided by Fleetline Tyres.
  • Established an intuitively navigable structure featuring transparent menus and a user-friendly interface, thereby elevating the overall user experience.
  • Enhanced search engine optimization through the implementation of titles rich in keyword-friendly content.

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