We have developed an app that allows users to enter the cost of their materials



Greetings House is a leading supplier of balloons and helium gas to balloon decorators across the UK. One of the biggest challenges faced by balloon decorators is determining the right price to charge for their displays. This is because they not only have to take into account the cost of materials but also their time, travel expenses, and the cost of helium. To help balloon decorators overcome this challenge.


the solution

We have come up with an innovative solution. We have developed an app that allows users to enter the cost of their materials, including balloons, ribbon, and balloon weights, as well as the amount of time they spend on each project. The app then calculates the recommended selling price for the display based on the user’s desired profit margin. To make it even easier for our customers, we have added a feature where they can select the helium cylinder they need for their project, and the app will take them directly to the page where they can enter their costs and receive the recommended selling price. With our app, balloon decorators can now price their displays with confidence, knowing that they are factoring in all the necessary costs and ensuring they are making a profit. Try our app today and take the guesswork out of pricing your balloon displays!

activity carried out

  • Designing the UX Design
  • Identify the function of the calculator
  • Provide an option to save your cost sheet
  • Develop in both IOS and Android
  • Publish the software and getting IOS acceptance

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