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GS Products enlisted JTI to build a website that not only functioned correctly but would boost website traffic and enquires. Faced with hurdles such as underperforming SEO, poor design, subpar ad-copy, and a suboptimal return on ad spend (ROAS), with Bowhouse we initiated by refining their SEO ads for swift lead generation, strategically addressing the urgent requirement for heightened visibility and engagement. The results were staggering they received an increase of 35% ROAS (Revenue from Advertising) signifying a positive return on investment.


the challenge

Developing a Magento 2 website capable of efficiently managing diverse product quantities, ranging from small to large sizes. Special attention has been given to optimising the user experience for ordering multiple quantities of small bolts, ensuring a seamless and intuitive purchasing process. Additionally, the website accommodates the sale of custom wire ropes with the flexibility to apply different ends, each priced accordingly to meet the unique needs of customers.

the solution

We developed a custom extension/plugin for Magento, empowering GSProducts to expand their offerings to include custom-length wire ropes for yachts, complete with various end options. This comprehensive solution not only calculates the price dynamically for users but also seamlessly integrates with the Magento cart engine, facilitating a smooth purchase process. Leveraging NVENTREE, the order seamlessly flows to the tablet warehouse app, providing pickers-packers with detailed information about the ordered items and the necessary postage service, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

activity carried out

  • Create a distinctive logo that unmistakably conveys its connection to the marine industry, capturing the essence of maritime elements in a way that is visually clear and immediately identifiable.
  • Design the look and flow of the website
  • Implement and test the wire rope custom calculator right through to how it arrives as an order in NVENTREE
  • SEO and optimisation services entrusted with our partner Bowhouse
  • Full project management throughout to ensure all the requirements were implemented correctly and fully tested
  • Hosted by our sister company WeHost

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