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Homemaker Bedding Ltd. is a reputable online retailer based in the UK, specialising in high-quality bedding and curtains. Established in 2008 by the dynamic duo, Mia and Sean, the company emerged with a mission to offer affordable bedding solutions without compromising on quality. Today, Homemaker Bedding boasts a spacious warehouse and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, all working harmoniously to ensure customer satisfaction.


the challenge

Take a successful ebay company and help them thrive online. Design a stylish and user-friendly brand for Homemaker Bedding, incorporating a seamless Shopify interface. This will provide customers with a convenient way to log in and effortlessly track their orders.

the solution

To combine expert design and UI skills with modern developmental practices, to ensure HomeMaker Bedding gets the best start on the Shopify platform. Our approach goes beyond the limitations of the native tools available in Shopify as we utilised the customisation available in Shopify Plus.

activity carried out

  • Professional Logo Design
  • Expert Shopify Store Design & Development
  • Tailor-made Shopify Theme Development
  • Seamless Personalized Reviews Integration
  • Customized Cart Functionality

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