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case study
James Nader


James Nader’s fashion photography is a 21st-century masterpiece, showcasing unrivalled skill and a remarkable pedigree.

With technical prowess honed on a global stage for over two decades, from New York to London, Milan, and Paris, James effortlessly captures moments, turning them into art. Whether crafting editorial narratives or commercial visuals, his lens transforms reality into a captivating final image.

Explore the contrast between the beauty in his Fashion pages and the fantastical realms of his Photomontage & Photorealistic galleries in the Picture Portfolio below. James’s editorial finesse and bold style shine through, accessible through the provided links.

James’s deep understanding of Concepts and Design, combined with his edgy interpretations, enables him to create masterful images. Respected by Art Directors and Editors in both the UK and New York, his ability to Post Produce & Retouch images sets him apart with an exceptional edge.





the challenge

James consistently produces high-quality work for fashion magazines, hotels, and fashion brands, necessitating a website that showcases his portfolio in the most impressive manner. To address concerns about image-heavy content potentially slowing down the site, we employed compression-based plugins in WordPress. This ensures that the website loads efficiently, meeting the standards set by Google.

the solution

The website is a visual feast, showcasing James Nader’s extensive body of work meticulously organised into user-friendly categories. Each page mirrors the layout of a conventional panini sticker album, exuding vibrant colours and contributing to an impressively rich online experience that encapsulates his thriving business life.

activity carried out

  • Built a website fit for James to show off all of his work online
  • Added compression software so the images do not slow down the website
  • SEO and optimisation services are applied to all the web pages
  • Customers who sign up are automatically added to GetResponse for email mail shots to be sent out.

activity carried out

  • Designing the look and flow of the websie
  • Coding and customization to showcase everything that the client desired
  • SEO and optimization services
  • Project management to ensure the process is completed and fully tested

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