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Just Ship IT


Just Ship IT is a shipping software platform designed to streamline and simplify the shipping process for e-commerce businesses selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy to name but a few! It is commonly used by online retailers and merchants to manage their shipping operations more efficiently.


the challenge

 Create a user-friendly website with a straightforward design aimed at facilitating software trials for visitors and providing a seamless login experience for existing customers. The website should present a simple and intuitive interface, emphasizing accessibility and ease of use.

For prospective users seeking general information about the software, implement an engaging and informative section utilizing a series of well-crafted questions and answers. This not only helps in conveying the key features and benefits but also strategically enhances the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by incorporating relevant content.

By strategically integrating commonly searched keywords into the questions and answers, the website becomes more likely to rank higher in search engine results. This approach not only serves the informational needs of potential users but also contributes to the overall visibility and discoverability of the software.

The website’s architecture should seamlessly guide visitors through the trial process while ensuring that existing customers can easily access their accounts through a secure login portal. This dual functionality accommodates both new and returning users, enhancing the overall user experience and encouraging continued engagement with the software.

the solution

The website’s foundation rests on WordPress, leveraging its versatility to accommodate both standard features and customized functionalities. To cater to diverse user needs, we undertook custom WordPress development to seamlessly integrate monthly and yearly pricing options. This customization empowers visitors to choose subscription plans that align with their preferences, fostering a convenient and flexible user experience.

Facilitating a smooth subscription process, we implemented custom solutions to enable users to seamlessly purchase software subscriptions directly from the website. This not only simplifies the user journey but also contributes to a more efficient and user-friendly e-commerce experience.

In addition to subscription management, we meticulously integrated a robust authentication system. This system allows both trial users and existing customers to effortlessly log in, ensuring secure access to the software’s features. The incorporation of Zoho Live Chat enhances real-time customer support, enabling instant assistance and engagement.

To further enhance customer support and issue resolution, we integrated a sophisticated Ticket System. This feature serves as a centralized hub for users to log bugs or submit queries, streamlining the communication process and ensuring that all customer concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. This comprehensive approach to website development not only meets but exceeds user expectations, combining functionality, accessibility, and seamless integration of support systems.

activity carried out

  • Forge a compelling brand identity for JustShipIT that seamlessly translates across all merchandise associated with the software. This involves crafting a distinctive logo, colour palette, and design elements that encapsulate the essence of JustShipIT’s mission and values.

  • For the digital realm, construct an engaging and user-friendly website using the versatile WordPress platform. Leverage its flexibility to showcase the brand’s story, features, and benefits in a visually appealing manner. Ensure a responsive design that caters to various devices, offering an optimal user experience.

  • Integrate the Stripe payment gateway seamlessly into the website to facilitate secure and efficient subscription payments. This includes configuring options for both monthly and yearly subscription plans, allowing users the flexibility to choose payment frequencies that suit their preferences.

  • Implement custom code to create a dynamic pricing slider matrix. This innovative feature enhances user interaction by visually presenting various subscription options based on different parameters. The pricing slider matrix not only adds a modern touch to the website but also simplifies the decision-making process for potential customers.

  • The entire website design and functionality should align with the established brand identity, creating a cohesive and memorable user experience. Additionally, prioritize clear and concise communication of the software’s value proposition, features, and subscription plans to ensure visitors quickly grasp the benefits of choosing JustShipIT. This holistic approach, combining branding, website design, and custom functionality, positions JustShipIT for success in both its online presence and merchandise representation.


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