JustShipIT Animation Video


Creating videos, in general, involves substantial costs, primarily due to the extensive work required in storyboarding and visualising the client’s vision for the video. However, opting for animated videos, often referred to as cartoon videos, presents a remarkably efficient and cost-effective method for conveying a compelling narrative. This format serves as a quick and engaging solution, ideal for illustrating just how JustShipIT software can effectively streamline the process of ecommerce label printing, ultimately saving valuable time for their customers.

the challenge

Similar to all videos that we produce, our aim was to communicate the message in a straightforward manner using visual graphics. The concise duration ensures that viewers quickly grasp the key points we intend to convey, prompting them to navigate to our website and explore the opportunity to trial our offerings.

the solution

Our team of talented designers conceptualised characters and brought them to life through animation. The narrative depicted a highly stressed individual navigating their daily routine, manually creating labels and invoices and the time for collection getting ever closer. The pivotal solution presented in this visual story was JustShipIT, effectively swooping in to save the day!

activity carried out

  • Develop a compelling storyboard by gaining insights into the reasons behind JUST why? individuals using JustShipIT software.
  • Craft and animate the storyboard, breathing life into the characters and storyline.
  • Ensure the video effectively communicates the key benefits, highlighting the reasons people should choose JustShipIT.

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