Martin James


The Martin James Network is a foundation dedicated to fostering the advancement of companies and entrepreneurs committed to shaping a better, more inclusive society. Their core belief lies in a world where individuals are genuinely valued, and communities not only flourish but thrive together harmoniously.

Triberia were the design agency involved with building the UX for this website and JTI developed the website.


the challenge

Triberia embraced the intricate task of developing this site, delving deep into the diverse realm of companies associated with Martin James. Their commitment went beyond mere technicalities, encompassing a profound understanding of the core beliefs and driving forces that define the network. A key focus was ensuring that the innovative technologies within the network found their rightful place on the website, effectively communicating the essence of each company.

Recognizing the significance of the overarching vision, Triberia diligently translated the Martin James Network’s commitment to a “Fearless Future” into the digital landscape. This involved not just showcasing information but creating a virtual environment where the ethos of fearlessness, innovation, and purposeful impact could be tangibly felt by visitors navigating the webpages.

Triberia’s approach was holistic, capturing the spirit of the network and weaving it seamlessly into the fabric of the website. The result is a digital presence that transcends traditional boundaries, mirroring the visionary ideals and the collective commitment to creating a future unbounded by fear, marked by innovation, and driven by a shared pursuit of positive impact.


the solution

Leveraging the comprehensive design briefs meticulously crafted by Triberia, we orchestrated the development of an exceptionally successful WordPress website for the network. The design briefs served as the guiding blueprint, allowing us to not only meet but exceed the expectations set forth.

One notable achievement in our website implementation was the strategic structuring of the News section. Recognizing the diverse interests and activities across the different companies within the group, we ensured a seamless user experience by categorizing news content. This thoughtful categorization, aligned with each distinct company, provides visitors with a tailored and efficient navigation experience, allowing them to access information relevant to their specific interests.

Our commitment to detail and precision extended beyond aesthetics, incorporating user-centric features that enhance the overall functionality of the website. The result is a dynamic digital platform that not only captures the essence of the network but also offers a user-friendly interface, empowering visitors to engage effortlessly with the diverse news and updates across the entire spectrum of the network’s enterprises.

activity carried out

  • Triberia seamlessly handed over the UX design briefs to JTI, entrusting them with the task of bringing the envisioned website to life. In response to the dynamic needs of such a vast conglomerate, JTI innovatively conceptualized and implemented a feature-rich blog. This strategic addition serves as a pivotal hub for regular news updates across the extensive group of companies.

  • JTI’s creative vision in crafting the blog aligns seamlessly with the diverse nature of the companies within the group, providing an organized and accessible platform for timely news dissemination. The blog not only meets the requirement for regular updates but also offers a user-friendly interface that encourages engagement and exploration.

  • This collaborative effort between Triberia and JTI exemplifies a harmonious synergy where design briefs are not merely transferred but are interpreted and transformed into a tangible, user-centric experience. The result is a website that not only fulfils its functional objectives but also embodies a thoughtful and innovative approach to catering to the diverse communication needs of a large group of companies.


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