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McDougall’s, a cherished family business nestled in the scenic town of Oban in the West of Scotland, is surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of a region renowned for its whisky distilleries and delectable seafood. From globally exported lobsters to langoustines, the town’s culinary delights have made a mark worldwide.

As avid users of the EPOS system RBA, McDougall’s envisioned a digital expansion to share their authentic Scottish products with a broader audience. The goal was to transcend regional borders and introduce the essence of Oban’s culinary treasures to customers not just in the UK but across the globe. The website became a digital gateway, seamlessly connecting McDougall’s’ offerings with a wider international audience, inviting them to savour the distinctive flavour’s of Scotland’s finest.


the challenge

Given the urgency during the lockdown when retail premises faced closure, we were tasked with a swift creation of a Woocommerce website. The goal was to enable Mcdougall’s to swiftly adapt their business model to a click-and-collect framework, ensuring continuity in their operations during the challenging circumstances. Despite the tight deadline imposed by the UK lockdown, we successfully executed this task within a mere two weeks, showcasing our commitment to agility and efficiency in meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

the solution

In response to the urgent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, where Mcdougall’s faced the imminent closure of their business, it became imperative for us to provide swift and effective solutions. Recognizing the critical need for continuity, we mobilized quickly, dedicating our efforts to design and develop a Woocommerce website within a condensed timeframe.

The primary objective was to empower Mcdougalls to sustain their trading activities even while facing closure during lockdown. The strategic choice of Woocommerce as our platform was rooted in its agility and efficiency, allowing us to expedite the development process without compromising on functionality and user experience.

In overcoming this time-sensitive challenge, we demonstrated our commitment to supporting businesses in navigating the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic. The resultant website not only facilitated a seamless transition to a click-and-collect model but also underscored our adaptability in providing timely and effective solutions.

activity carried out

  • Design and code the Word Press website
  • Install the WooCommerce plugin to be able to take payments
  • Introduce a “Click” and “Collect” module from the shop
  • Integrate RBA (the ERP Solution) with Ad-lister to list their products automatically on to the website.
  • Provide project management to ensure the website was built to the requirements of Mcdougall’s
  • Hosted via our sister company WeHost

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