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Moiom stands as the brainchild of Roderick, brought to life by a passionate team committed to crafting the most entertaining toy slides in the market. In collaboration with Rebel Branding, entrusted with the branding aspects of Moiom, we were tasked with the development of the WordPress website. Together, we’ve seamlessly woven creativity and functionality to bring the joy of Moiom’s unique toy slides to a global audience.

Rebel Branding played a pivotal role in shaping the identity of our project. Their expertise in branding and design was instrumental in establishing a unique and compelling visual presence for the website. Rebel Branding’s team devised a distinctive colour scheme, which not only aligned with the brand’s identity but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the site. Their creative efforts extended to creating captivating graphics and an intuitive layout, ensuring that the website was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. Additionally, the design of the logo by Rebel Branding became a central element of the brand’s visual identity, encapsulating the ethos and values of our brand in a visually striking manner.


the challenge

The website prominently features captivating floating 3D animations, a collaborative effort developed in tandem with Rebel Branding’s impressive graphics. Dynamic elements such as drifting clouds, orbiting planets, and buoyant balloons come together to establish a visually appealing and laid-back brand ambiance, perfectly aligning with our target audience—children and their delightful world of imagination.

the solution

The website was meticulously crafted using WordPress, with WooCommerce seamlessly integrated for a smooth checkout experience. Considering the Dutch origin of the site owners, we prioritized inclusivity by providing both English and Dutch language options right from the outset, ensuring a user-friendly experience for a diverse audience.


activity carried out

  • Rebel Branding played a pivotal role in shaping the identity of the brand, devising a distinctive colour scheme, and creating captivating graphics for the website, which encompassed the design of the logo
  • We conceptualised and executed the engaging 3D animations, ensuring seamless integration as specific graphics dynamically moved across the entirety of the website.
  • Implemented the language plugin for switching between Dutch and English
  • Efficient project management was employed to ensure the website was delivered within the designated time frame.
  • The setup of an intuitive product catalogue, integrating a secure and seamless payment gateway, and ensuring a smooth checkout process for users.
  • Our collaboration with Rebel Branding ensured that the technical robustness of the site was perfectly complemented by top-notch branding and design, creating a cohesive and engaging online presence.

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