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Natas Training specialises in delivering classroom training across various industries, with a predominant focus on health and safety. There courses cater to diverse sectors, ensuring comprehensive and effective learning experiences for professionals in the business.


the challenge

Developing a dynamic website that goes beyond facilitating course bookings, incorporating a robust system to prevent overbooking and ensure optimal space utilisation in each of their training centres. The platform also needs to manages dietary requirements for each participant, ensuring a personalised experience. Additionally, automated notifications containing pertinent details need to be seamlessly dispatched to both customers and NATAS Training after each successful booking.

the solution

Utilising WooCommerce and specialised plugins, we crafted a comprehensive booking system for the NATAS training programs. In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, we further enhanced the website to offer online training modules. To optimise the online learning experience, the platform now engages attendees with interactive quizzes, ensuring comprehension of the content. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate detailing their score, providing a valuable record for their personal records.

activity carried out

  • Designed the brand and logo
  • Built the workflow of the website ensuring the courses can be booked easily implementing the WooCommerce plugin for the website.
  • Develop and code the full website with the ability to enter food and your dietary requirements once booking on each course.
  • Enable each course to have a maximum number of participants. To make use of the course space and prevent over bookings.
  • Send confirmation of each booking to both the customer and NATAS and provide email reminder 1 week & 3 days before the course takes place.

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