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Originals emerged as a visionary concept, commissioned by a prominent fashion company seeking our expertise to conceptualise designs for a novel clothing brand tailored to teenagers. Committed to sustainability, the clothing line exclusively features recycled fabrics, crafted in a UK-based factory. Upholding an eco-conscious ethos, all packaging is meticulously designed to be recyclable, utilizing recycled, recyclable, or compostable materials a crucial aspect of our commitment to environmental preservation. The logo branding is intricately designed to mirror these sustainable principles, serving as a visual representation of our planet-saving mission.


the challenge

Develop an enduring brand that embodies diversity, one that stands the test of time rather than being fleeting. Craft a brand that authentically exudes a sense of recyclability while emanating quality and confidence. Aim to seamlessly blend elements of both Black and White in the branding to underscore the emphasis on diversity, creating a visual representation that is inclusive, resilient, and evokes a sense of enduring excellence

the solution

Our design process involved the creation of a series of logos and mood boards. Our designers initiated the exploration with sketches, aiming to generate concepts that authentically embodied the essence of the new clothing brand. Over a three-month period, these concepts were presented to the fashion chain, leading to the development of a shortlist. After careful consideration, the final design was selected, reflecting a culmination of creativity, thoughtful design, and collaborative decision-making.”

activity carried out

  • Our team engaged in the creation of a variety of logos, meticulously incorporating all aspects desired by the client.
  • After selecting the top three logos, we applied the concept to various clothing items to assess its effectiveness.
  • To gauge market preferences, we collaborated with a marketing agency, seeking their insights on the favoured brand from the concepts.
  • The outcomes were subsequently shared with the JTI Design team, informing a collaborative effort to implement refinements and enhancements based on the received feedback.

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