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Craft a compelling A5 brochure designed to showcase NVENTREE’s innovative stock control system at an upcoming exhibition. This brochure serves as a visual narrative, presenting the system’s features and benefits to potential online buyers. Through thoughtful design elements and engaging content, we aim to captivate the audience, conveying the efficiency and effectiveness of NVENTREE’s solution while leaving a lasting impression that resonates beyond the exhibition.


the challenge

Compose the key set of features for NVENTREE’s A5 brochure, aiming to provide readers with a deep understanding of the software’s functionalities and the numerous advantages associated with purchasing a SAAS license. Our approach involved crafting a copy that not only elucidates the capabilities of the software but also highlights how it can significantly benefit users.

In tandem with the descriptive copy, we strategically selected screenshots to complement the textual information. These visuals serve as a visual guide, offering readers a tangible glimpse into the user interface and the practical application of NVENTREE’s features.

The ultimate goal was to create an informative and visually engaging brochure that not only educates potential users about the software’s capabilities but also convinces them of the transformative impact it can bring to their operations.

the solution

We deliberately opted for the impactful format of an A5 brochure over a one-page A4 leaflet, recognising the expansive capabilities and rich history of the NVENTREE software solution, which boasts over a decade of innovation. This more substantial format provides ample space to delve into the multitude of functionalities and key features that make NVENTREE a stalwart choice for ecommerce businesses.

Within the pages of the brochure, we’ve detailed how NVENTREE, with its extensive 10 year legacy, offers a wealth of functionalities. This includes not only a broad spectrum of features but also a proven track record of saving time and money for ecommerce businesses. The A5 format allows us to present a comprehensive narrative, showcasing the depth and value that NVENTREE brings to the table in a visually compelling and informative manner.

activity carried out

  • Designed the look of the brochure
  • Story boarded the content for all the pages
  • Provided drafts of the layout before going to print
  • Project management throughout the process till the brochure was completed and delivered

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