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GoshRocks required a collaboration to establish the brand, and two of the key elements of the visual team on building the brand were Emotive Eye and Famous Wolf.
Recognising the significance of conveying a meaningful message to Steve Quance, the owner of Gosh Rocks, Stuart of Emotive Eye and Rudy of Famous Wolf brought together the marketing plan to establish the brand and build connection.
With interview conversations and scripted recordings with Steve and other key members of the brand development, and then crafting exciting, dynamic imagery with the influencers behind the brand. The video and photos from Emotive Eye were then crafted into compelling short form marketing pieces by the Famous Wolf team, and launched Gosh Rocks to a waiting audience.


activity carried out

When Safety Forward came to Emotive Eye with their marketing ideas, Stuart led the discussion, understanding the position of the company, and how best to establish their connection with the intended audience.
There were multiple production elements required in the marketing plan – team photographs and filming, client interaction, and indeed talking-head video capture.
Stuart clearly understood the best way to make the people behind the company, and their trusted customers, authentically connect – through considered and directed questioning, Stuart recorded real answers from the team, and stitched these together in an emotive narrative.
Bringing the suggestion forward to interview the clients that trust the brand with their Health and Safety, Stuart brought out all the key qualities that make them the right choice – direct from those who happily pay for the services. These videos provide stand-alone content that is vital for marketing purposes and client conversion, but also provided the backbone for some of the key messages in the principal brand film.
From initial conversation, through storyboarding, capture of both photographs and video, to presentation of the final imagery ready to promote the brand, Stuart from Emotive Eye took the stress away, and handed the client exactly the content they needed.

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