case study

Pure Cloud Solutions


Pure Cloud Solutions transcends the realm of telephony, offering a comprehensive suite of services that extends to vital areas such as disaster recovery and cybersecurity. In collaboration with the expertise of PHd Design, we undertook the task of constructing a dynamic WordPress website, meticulously crafting key pages to effectively showcase each facet of their multifaceted solutions.

Beyond telephony, Pure Cloud Solutions is a proactive force in disaster recovery and cybersecurity, providing clients with a holistic approach to their technological needs. The collaboration with PHd Design aimed to not just build a website but to create a digital platform that serves as an informative gateway, guiding visitors through the array of services offered by Pure Cloud Solutions. This strategic initiative is designed to communicate the depth and breadth of their expertise, ensuring a compelling online presence that aligns with their commitment to excellence in the realm of technology solutions.


the challenge

Delivering a diverse range of five key services, our approach to the Pure Cloud Solutions website extended beyond merely utilising infographics. We placed a paramount focus on ensuring a seamless and user-friendly navigation experience for every visitor. Our aim was to provide an intuitive pathway, allowing individuals to effortlessly explore the array of services offered.

In addition to highlighting the core services, we recognized the significance of showcasing the company’s dynamic narrative. This involved not only trumpeting its successes but also spotlighting its impactful contributions to charity. By integrating a dedicated section for company news, our goal was to create a digital space that not only informs visitors about Pure Cloud Solutions’ achievements but also humanizes the brand by sharing its philanthropic endeavour’s. This comprehensive approach contributes to an engaging and informative website that not only reflects the company’s professional prowess but also its commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business realm.


the solution

Selecting WordPress proved to be the perfect solution for Pure Cloud Solutions, offering a versatile platform that allowed us to hone in on their five key services while providing additional depth through case studies and dynamic blog pages for the latest news. This strategic choice not only empowered us to showcase the breadth of their offerings but also to narrate their success stories and industry insights.

The user-friendly nature of WordPress further amplified our efforts, ensuring that all staff members could seamlessly edit and update content post-website completion. This collaborative approach not only streamlined content management but also empowered Pure Cloud Solutions to maintain a fresh and engaging online presence. In essence, the choice of WordPress aligned perfectly with our objective to not only inform but also to provide an interactive and easily manageable platform for both the team and their audience.

activity carried out

  • Designed the workflow and page content for Pure Cloud Solutions
  • Followed a design brief from PHd Design on the Pure Cloud brand
  • SEO and optimisation of the key pages were included
  • Project management was adhered to throughout the development of the project

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