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The R-Tech range of welding machines and plasma cutters is renowned throughout the world for its quality, reliability, and exceptional duty cycles. The company meticulously source the finest components from across the globe, ensuring that their machines deliver unparalleled usability and performance.


the challenge

R-tech sought to revamp its antiquated online store and enhance its customer experience. In search of a trustworthy and adaptable eCommerce platform that could effectively cater to their intricate business requirements and provide customers with a seamless experience, they thoroughly assessed various alternatives. Ultimately, R-tech opted for Magento Commerce and partnered with JTI to develop their website.

Why R-Tech chose Magento

Flexibility and Customisation

Magento Commerce is an open-source platform, which offers extensive customisation options. This allows businesses like R-tech. to tailor their online store according to their specific needs, ensuring a unique customer experience that aligns perfectly with their branding.

Scalability R-tech

Being a large company, required an eCommerce platform that could handle large volumes of traffic and high transaction volumes. Magento Commerce proved to be the ideal solution, providing the scalability necessary to manage R-tech’s expanding product catalogue and growing customer base.

Robust Feature Set

With a comprehensive array of features, Magento caters well to the needs of large companies like R-tech. The platform empowered them to utilise the advanced catalogue management, customer segmentation, one page checkout and multiple store management capabilities, further enhancing their online presence.

Integration Capabilities

Magento’s seamless integration with a range of third-party systems, such as the NVENTREE stock control system and Ad-Lister PIM solution, has proven to be instrumental for R-Tech. By leveraging this integration capability, R-Tech successfully streamlined their business processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Impact of Magento on R-Tech’s success

With the help of Magento 2, R-Tech seamlessly integrated its existing platform with Magento, resulting in a significant boost in traffic and sales. The success of R-tech’s Magento ecommerce website can be attributed to several key factors:

User-friendly interface

The Magento platform offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, empowering customers to effortlessly browse through products and effortlessly finalise their purchases.

Customizable features

Magento provides an extensive selection of customizable features, enabling businesses like R-Tech to personalise their website according to their unique needs and preferences.

Robust security feature

Security is of paramount importance in online transactions, and Magento addresses this concern by providing robust security measures to protect customer information and ensure a safe shopping experience.
R-Tech’s adoption of the Magento platform has proven to be extremely advantageous for their ecommerce business. By utilising its customisable features and robust security measures, they have not only enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, but also experienced remarkable growth in sales.

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