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Since its inception in 1999, Ramora Facilities has emerged as a trailblazer in the nationwide landscape of cleaning and sanitization. Their journey has been marked by a diverse array of projects, each a testament to the commitment to excellence.

the challenge

During the COVID lockdown, adhering to stringent restrictions compelled us to reimagine our approach to capturing the essence of Ramora staff’s activities. Traditionally, we would have filmed their work, yet the circumstances necessitated a more innovative solution. Consequently, we meticulously choreographed instructions for the Ramora staff on how we envisioned each aspect of their tasks to be captured on video.

Unlike our typical filming process, where we could seamlessly record audio alongside visuals, the lockdown constraints mandated a departure from this norm. Throughout the entire film, the absence of voice narration became a unique challenge that we navigated by focusing on visually compelling storytelling. This adjustment not only showcased our adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges but also emphasized the dedication of the Ramora staff as their actions took center stage without the aid of accompanying commentary. Despite the limitations, this creative adaptation allowed us to produce a film that encapsulated the resilience and determination of both our team and the Ramora staff during these unprecedented times.


activity carried out

  • We edited several hours of footage from Ramora
  • Focussed on their key services
  • Supplied both copyrighted music and concise text snippets to craft a dynamic and impactful video.
  • Project management from start to finish to ensure the video was within the brand guidelines of Ramora

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