Raves Clothing


Raves Clothing stands as a key supplier for numerous high street stores, offering a curated selection of branded apparel ranging from Nike hoodies to Adidas footwear. Renowned for embodying the latest trends and styles, the company recognised the need for a direct-to-consumer channel and sought to establish a website to facilitate online retail sales.

In response to this demand, Raves Clothing wished to extend its reach and engage directly with consumers through the newly envisioned website. By embracing e-commerce, the company aims to showcase its diverse range of high-quality products to a wider audience, providing an accessible platform for customers to explore and purchase the latest in trendsetting fashion.


the challenge

Equipped with an extensive product catalogue managed through Ad-lister, Raves Clothing seamlessly expanded its online presence by not only pushing products to eBay and Amazon but also introducing Shopify to its line-up. The decision to integrate Shopify was a natural progression, given its reputation as a versatile e-commerce platform.

In aligning with our commitment to consistency and brand cohesion, the design of the newly established Shopify website drew inspiration from the previously branded eBay store crafted by our team five years ago. This deliberate choice ensures a unified and recognizable brand identity across various online platforms, reinforcing Raves Clothing’s commitment to delivering a seamless and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience to its diverse customer base.


the solution

The design of the Shopify website was thoughtfully influenced by the successful aesthetics of the eBay store. Introducing a dynamic banner slider became a pivotal feature, serving as a visually captivating tool to showcase the latest products. Recognizing the importance of agility in highlighting new arrivals, the implementation via Shopify ensures seamless and swift updates.

Beyond the visual appeal, the client expressed a desire to foster a more direct and personalized connection with their audience. In response, we facilitated the creation of a targeted customer group, allowing the client to send exclusive offers and updates. This strategic move not only enhances customer engagement but also serves as a proactive measure to boost sales by providing a more tailored and enticing shopping experience.

activity carried out

  • Comprehensive web development involved not just conceptualising the visual aesthetics but meticulously designing the overall look and flow of the website. Our team went beyond surface-level design, delving into the seamless integration of essential elements to enhance the user experience.
  • In tandem with crafting the website, we prioritised the implementation of robust SEO strategies on the main home page, ensuring optimal visibility across search engines.
  • The establishment of Google Search Console, coupled with the inclusion of Google Analytics Code, further fortified our commitment to data-driven insights and performance tracking.
  • Expanding the digital footprint, we seamlessly integrated the Shopify platform into Ad-lister, facilitating a unified approach to product management and distribution. This strategic convergence ensures streamlined operations and a cohesive online presence.
  • Integral to the entire process was a structured project management approach, guiding the development from inception to completion. Rigorous testing protocols were implemented to guarantee functionality and performance, delivering a polished end product that aligns with our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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