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The Salvation Army operates more than 206 retail stores throughout the United Kingdom, providing convenient drop-off locations for customers to donate their unwanted items. Once received, these items are carefully priced by the dedicated staff at each store, ensuring they are ready for sale to support the organization’s charitable endeavours.

In addition to their physical stores, the Salvation Army extends its reach through online platforms such as eBay. Leveraging modern technology, they partner with Just Applications, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions, to enhance their online presence in two significant ways.



the challenge

Central to this effort was the integration of a LocationID feature into Ad-Lister, their primary tool for managing online listings. By assigning a unique LocationID to each retail store and associating users with their respective locations, we enabled seamless identification and tracking of inventory across the organization’s extensive network.

Furthermore, recognising the importance of integrating disparate systems for comprehensive data management, we collaborated closely with the Salvation Army to ensure compatibility with NVENTREE, a vital platform for sales data retrieval. This integration was particularly significant as it facilitated the seamless flow of information between Ad-Lister and NVENTREE, ensuring that each retail location had accurate insights into their sales activity.

In practical terms, this meant that when an item was sold through any channel, whether in-store or online, NVENTREE would efficiently communicate the transaction details to the corresponding retail location. Armed with this information, each store could promptly update their inventory records, identify which items had been sold, and determine which items needed to be replenished or listed for sale from their premises.


the solution

Just Applications assists the Salvation Army in integrating a LocationID feature into their Ad-Lister tool. This innovative addition allows for seamless identification of the specific store from which an item is being listed on eBay. By attributing each listing with a LocationID, the Salvation Army can efficiently manage their inventory and track the performance of each retail outlet, optimizing their online sales strategy.

Furthermore, recognising the importance of brand consistency and professionalism in the digital marketplace, the Salvation Army engages Just Applications to design a bespoke eBay listing template. This custom template not only aligns with the organization’s branding guidelines but also enhances the visual appeal of their listings, fostering trust and engagement among online shoppers.

Through their collaboration with Just Applications, the Salvation Army demonstrates a commitment to maximizing the impact of their retail operations both offline and online. By embracing technology and strategic partnerships, they continue to uphold their mission of providing essential support to those in need within the community.

activity carried out

  • Creation of a customised eBay branded template tailored specifically for the Salvation Army, enhancing their online presence and brand consistency.
  • Implementation of development updates to Ad-Lister, aimed at supporting the unique needs of Salvation Army stores and streamlining their listing management process.
  • Enhancement of NVENTREE functionality to seamlessly integrate location data with sales transactions, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of sales activity across Salvation Army retail locations.

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