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case study
Top Photographers Blog – Silvergumtype


James Nader stands out as one of the most accomplished photographers in the UK, showcasing a diverse skill set that spans from collaborating with top models in the fashion industry to capturing the essence of hotels for brochures and video projects. Beyond traditional photography, James is deeply immersed in cutting-edge technologies such as drone videography and AI, leveraging them to capture the perfect shot. Silvergumtype transcends being merely a website; it’s a captivating journal where James not only shares his creative insights but also invites like-minded guests to contribute, fostering a community united by a passion for photography.


the challenge

Develop a website dedicated exclusively to delivering content through a blog format. The primary objective is to ensure effortless navigation, allowing users to seamlessly access both the latest articles and past content. For optimal functionality and user-friendly management, WordPress stands out as the ideal Content Management System (CMS) to construct such a site. Its intuitive features and robust capabilities make it the perfect tool for creating a platform that prioritizes accessibility and ease of use.

the solution

We opted for WordPress due to its conventional roots as a blog engine. Recognizing the unique requirements outlined by James, we steered away from pre-existing themes and instead crafted a custom design that precisely aligned with his vision. To enhance the user experience, the website seamlessly integrated with GetResponse, ensuring smooth delivery of the weekly email content to our subscribers. This tailored approach allowed us to marry the versatility of WordPress with a bespoke design, providing an optimal platform for content delivery and subscriber engagement.

activity carried out

  • Designing the look and flow of the websie
  • Coding and customization to showcase everything that the client desired
  • SEO and optimization services
  • Project management to ensure the process is completed and fully tested

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