case study

Talk Out Group


The Stage Box specialises in crafting versatile standard platforms that transcend their role as mere music stages, serving as core units adaptable to a myriad of situations. Collaborating with PHd Design, we constructed their website using WordPress due to its user-friendly interface, allowing seamless editing and updating of their dynamic gallery showcasing the latest events. This choice empowers The Stage Box to maintain a visually compelling online presence that effortlessly evolves with their ever-changing offerings.


the challenge

Adhere diligently to the guidelines meticulously outlined by PHd Design in the project brief to guarantee the seamless development of the website. Our unwavering commitment as developers is not only to follow these directives but also to ensure that we intricately capture and embody the envisioned workflow. By prioritizing precision and fidelity to the provided guidelines, we aim to deliver a final product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations set forth by PHd Design, contributing to the successful realization of their creative vision for the project. 

the solution

Construct the website using the latest iteration of WordPress, meticulously following the parameters set forth in the design brief. In addition to this, establish a cohesive visual theme with TheStageBus to unmistakably convey their shared ownership under the same company umbrella. This synchronized design approach not only enhances brand recognition but also fosters a seamless connection between the two entities.

Emphasising user-friendly functionality, implement a gallery page that is effortlessly manageable and editable for the customer. This ensures a dynamic and engaging representation of the latest events and offerings. Furthermore, integrate a feature that facilitates the effortless addition of job opportunities to the website. This not only enhances the site’s versatility but also caters to the company’s growth and evolving needs, providing a valuable platform for recruitment and engagement.

activity carried out

  • PHd Design provided the design brief for this website
  • Coding and customisation to show all the pages the customers wanted
  • SEO and optimisation services deployed for the main pages
  • Project management carried out throughout the build to ensure the process was completed and fully tested
  • Hosted on our servers WeHost for faster speed load times.

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