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The Stage Bus


The Stage Bus, a dynamic event production company located in Birmingham, stands at the forefront of innovation, offering unique solar-powered mobile stages throughout the UK. With their distinctive, vehicle-based stages fueled by the sun and equipped with onboard batteries, they deliver an eco-friendly solution that ensures events can be powered seamlessly day and night.

In line with their cutting-edge offerings, The Stage Bus required a contemporary and stylish website to effectively showcase the essence of the company. This platform serves as a digital canvas, vividly portraying the innovative and sustainable solutions they bring to the event production landscape. By capturing the company’s essence, the website becomes a compelling representation of The Stage Bus, inviting visitors to explore and engage with their forward-thinking approach to event staging.


the challenge

Collaborating with PHd Design, JTI took on the task of developing the website, incorporating the visually engaging infographics, distinctive logo, and thoughtfully crafted web page designs provided by PHd Design. Recognizing the need for a dynamic and user-friendly platform, we opted for the WordPress framework due to its versatility and seamless updating capabilities post-launch.

The decision to leverage WordPress not only aligns with the design vision outlined by PHd Design but also empowers the website with the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving content and user requirements. This strategic choice ensures that once the website is live, it remains easily maintainable, reflecting the commitment to a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and user accessibility.


the solution

The resolution presented a streamlined process, benefiting from our prior design work on TheStageBox website. Leveraging the existing design elements facilitated a seamless replication of both style and functionality. Additionally, PHd Design played a pivotal role by providing us with the precise graphics, fonts, and infographics essential for maintaining consistency and visual coherence.

This collaborative approach ensured a swift and efficient implementation, reducing complexity and saving valuable time. The synergy between our previous design endeavour’s and the invaluable support from PHd Design not only expedited the project but also upheld a unified visual identity, reinforcing the brand’s cohesion across various platforms and offerings.

activity carried out

  • PHD design designed the graphics for the website
  • JTI both coded and added SEO keywords to both the homepage and additional pages
  • JTI Setup the Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Project management was on hand throughout to ensure the process was completed and fully tested prior to GO-LIVE

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