Top Deals Online


Top Deals Online, headquartered in London, distinguishes itself as a premier supplier of DIY products, specializing in high-quality replacement aftermarket Carbon Brushes & Power Tool Accessories. Focusing on renowned brands such as Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, and others, they offer top-tier solutions for discerning customers.

With an emphasis on quality and diversity, Top Deals Online sought to establish a robust online presence, opting for the Shopify platform to bring their vision to life. This choice not only aligns seamlessly with their commitment to excellence but also positions them to provide a dynamic and user-friendly website, ensuring customers can effortlessly explore and procure premium DIY products.


the challenge

Top Deals Online initially gained traction on eBay, where we diligently cultivated the brand’s identity by crafting engaging eBay listings and an immersive store. Leveraging the capabilities of Ad-Lister, we orchestrated a seamless integration that extended the brand’s reach across both eBay and Shopify platforms.

Recognizing the need for brand consistency and expansion, our focus shifted to ensuring a smooth transition onto Shopify. While the website will be built on the basic Shopify store, our commitment remains steadfast in ensuring that the essence of the brand is effectively conveyed. Through strategic design elements and seamless integration between eBay and Shopify, we aim to create a unified brand experience that resonates with customers across both online storefronts.


the solution

The website development process was streamlined, adhering to a clear directive to mirror the design and functionality of the established eBay store. The toolbar menu, thoughtfully crafted, includes a categorized list of DIY tool brands, facilitating an effortless navigation experience for visitors seeking their preferred products.

Employing Ad-lister, we ensured a swift and seamless transition of existing eBay listings to the Shopify platform. This not only expedited the setup process but also maintained continuity in product presentation and availability. The integration of familiar elements from the eBay store into the new Shopify website contributes to a cohesive and user-friendly experience, ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers and welcoming new ones to explore and engage with the brand’s offerings.

activity carried out

  • Mirrored the design of their eBay store and Listing template
  • Coded and built the website on the Shopify basic theme
  • Project management throughout to ensure the website was completed and fully tested prior to G0-LIVE

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