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Wire Rope Shop is a prominent online supplier of high-quality steel wire rope and marine fittings in the UK. As a family-owned company, they have a dedicated team of over 15 employees who are committed to delivering exceptional products and services. A website would enable them to focus on selling the smaller items in mass quantities at an affordable price rather than paying the commission to shopping channels such as eBay and Amazon.


the challenge

JTI was entrusted with the task of crafting a captivating brand narrative and refreshing identity for Wire Rope, a Birmingham-based steel firm. Through an initial brand workshop, we collaborated closely with CEO Ben Davies to develop a brand, vision, and a set of values that seamlessly blended his passion for innovative products with his future aspirations of the business. Our team then effectively infused these values throughout the new brand collateral. We also design and developed with Ben’s help the Wire Rope Builder which enables the customer to size up their exact requirements for the length of steel rope needed.

why choose Magento?

Ben recognised the need for a powerful platform to handle its expanding product catalogue and the need to build the bespoke wire rope builder into the website. Magento emerged as the ideal choice, providing the company with the robustness and flexibility required to meet customer demands and ever changing steel prices. Wire Rope was particularly drawn to Magento’s advanced search capabilities and the ability to create tailored promotions and discounts as well as the fully customisable email templates that are available.

The Impact of Magento on Wire Rope’s Business

The company’s website boasts an elegant and intuitive design, with an easily recognisable logo ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Its user-friendly interface enables customers to effortlessly navigate through the various pages, while the fast load times ensure quick access to desired information. Additionally, the website offers a convenient shopping experience by allowing customers to filter products based on size,  diameter and drill hole size. With its robust extensions that can be added when new functionality is required, Magento empowers brands like Wire Rope to create unique digital experiences that not only drive sales growth but also elevate customer satisfaction levels. The Wire Rope Builder was a bespoke piece of software developed by JTI to enable the customer to get the exact size of rope needed.


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